Barcelona Forests - Wererat Cave
Barcelona Forests - Wererat Cave

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1 - Chest

Inside, you'll find the History of the Fell Spirits.

2 - Yellow Crystal

It will teleport you to Aesma.

3 - Aesma (aka the Prime Wererat)

Aesma is the Daeva of Hate and Fury. When you attack him, he'll every so often create a wererat minion. If you "kill" Aesma while a minion is still alive, Aesma will just take the place of the minion and return to full health. So kill the minions first (area spells work well), and then kill Aesma (1070 experience). Be sure to pick up the Wererat Fur he drops.

    A. Exit to the Slave Pit Exterior.
    B. Yellow Crystal Teleporter to the Slave Pit Exterior.




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