Primary Statistics
Seven attributes determine the strengths and weaknesses of the characters in Lionheart. These basic attributes determine a character's starting skills and factor into just about every action he will perform over the course of his adventures.

STRENGTH (ST): This is the individual's raw physical strength. It represents the character's ability to lift weights, punch harder, and carry more equipment. Stronger characters are able to lug more items, do more damage when brawling, and so on.

PERCEPTION (PE): This is the ability to perceive the environment and notice things that others might miss. It is a combination of the individual's senses, including touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing. This attribute factors strongly into a character's ability to notice unusual things about the environment. Magic Wielders use this ability to understand their spirit, so Mana is partially determined by this attribute.

ENDURANCE (EN): Endurance represents the character's general health and ability to withstand punishment and physical exertion. Endurance mainly affects the character's hit points. A character with high Endurance will be able to fight longer and take more damage in combat.

CHARISMA (CH): The character's looks and charm are Charisma. The higher the character's Charisma, the easier it is to deal with non-player characters (NPCs). Magic Wielders use this attribute to influence their spirit, so Mana is partially determined by Charisma.

INTELLIGENCE (IN): The higher the character's Intelligence, the more skills the character will excel in, and the more options he will have in dialogue. The number of skill points the character receives at each experience level is based on the character's Intelligence.

AGILITY (AG): This statistic is a combination of the character's reflexes, balance, and coordination. The character's speed and quickness in combat are directly related to the Agility score. Combat and thief characters should have a higher Agility than diplomatic or magical characters.

LUCK (LU): Luck represents a combination of fate, karma, and general good fortune. Luck affects many things in small amounts.