Optional Traits
ASCETIC: You spent part of your childhood in the care of a group of stern monks. Living several years with an austere monastic order taught you focus and patience–the monks “encouraged" you to study for long hours. This arduous training grants you +10 skill points, reflecting the broad range of studies you pursued at the monastery. However, you never forgot the hard, frugal lifestyle of the monks, so you never feel right about accumulating too much gold. If you see ten gold pieces on the ground, you take nine, and leave one piece for someone less fortunate–over the course of your adventure, you will find 10% less wealth.

ARROWS FOR WORDS: Pick 'em off first, and when they're wounded and dying in the dirt, put the hard questions to them. You have a 15 point bonus to Ranged Weapons but suffer a 10 point penalty to your Diplomacy skills.

FAST METABOLISM: Your metabolic rate is twice the normal rate. This means that you are actually more susceptible to disease and poison, but your body heals faster. You have an increased Healing Rate, but your disease and poison resistances start at -10%. Feralkins cannot take this trait.

FINESSE: Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don't do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits. All of your physical attacks do -20% damage. Your critical chance is +10%. This trait cannot be selected with Heavy Handed.

GIFTED: Because you have more innate abilities than most, you have not spent as much time honing your skills. Your statistics are better than the average person's, but your skills are lacking. All stats have a +1 modifier. All non-spell skills are lowered 10 points. You receive 4 fewer skill points per level.

GOOD NATURED: Your natural charm allowed you to get along with nearly everyone while growing up; you rarely got into fights and spent more time hitting the books instead. You were able to take good care of yourself instead of constantly having to figure out how to survive. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but Barter and healing rates are substantially improved. Barter gets a 25 point bonus. You also get a negative 5 point modifier to starting melee combat skills (One-Handed, Two-handed and Unarmed). This trait cannot be selected with Nasty Disposition.

HEAVY HANDED: You swing harder, not better. Your attacks are brutal, but lack finesse. You rarely cause a good critical hit, but you always do more melee damage. You do +2 points of damage in melee combat (hand-to-hand or non-ranged weapons). Your critical hits have a -30 modifier to critical chance. This trait cannot be selected with Finesse.

NASTY DISPOSITION: Your quick temper always got you into fights while growing up. Your Speech and Barter skills are decreased by 15, but your Unarmed, One-Handed and Two-Handed skills each get a 9 point bonus. You cannot have both the Nasty Disposition and Good Natured traits.

ONE HANDER: One of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause a problem. You suffer an initial -10 to Two-Handed Weapon skill and -10 to Ranged Weapon skill but obtain a +10 to One-Handed Weapon Skill.

RENAISSANCE MAN: You're a connoisseur of the arts and a deep thinker. You are willing to give new ideas a go, but all your high-brow intellectualism doesn't mean much when you get punched in the face. You gain a +1 to Intelligence, but a 10 point penalty to One-Handed. Feralkins may not take this trait.

SKILLED: You spend more time improving your skills than a normal person does, allowing you to gain more skill points per level. The tradeoff is that you do not gain as many extra abilities. You will gain a perk one level later than you usually would (i.e., a human would gain perks once every four levels, and so on). You will get an additional 5 skill points per new experience level.

SMALL FRAME: You are not as big as others of your race, but that never slowed you down. You can't carry as much, but you are more agile. You get a +1 bonus to your Agility, but your carry weight is 50 pounds less than normal. Feralkins may not take this trait.

STUDIOUS TINKERER: You spent your formative years hunched over a workbench, tinkering with random bits of magical things that nobody else would touch. Trouble is you've ruined your eyes! You get a 15 point bonus to Lockpick skills, and all spells gained start out at skill level 4 instead of skill level 1 due to your long experience with the way things work. However, you suffer a -1 penalty to Perception, and your Ranged Weapons skill has a 10 point penalty.

THICK SKINNED: Your skin is unnaturally calloused, more so than that of your peers. Add 5% to all damage resistances and 4 to your AC, but you have a thick head as well and suffer a -1 penalty to Intelligence and 10-point penalty to your Lockpick skill.