Timeline of Known History
1188 - 1192Third Crusade - Led by King Richard the Lionheart
1192The Disjunction
1204The last known tremor settles. Ireland and Brittany are gone and England has broken into 15 separate islands.
1215English nobles force King John to sign the Magna Carta
1194 - 1244Fourth Crusade against the Storm Dragons
1231The Inquisition is formed
1241The Great Khan Ogedei cheats death and binds with the Fell Spirit Weichi, allowing Batu Khan to continue his Eastern European campaign
1243Western forces engage the Mongols after completing the Fourth Crusade
1249Mongols reach Italy, forcing the Holy See to move to Spain
1250Mongol forces are finally forced to retreat by the coalition of eastern and western forces
1251Assassination of the Great Khan Ogedei; Batu Khan is recalled from his European campaign
1269 - 1275Reconquista against rogue Wielders
1292Marco Polo disappears before he can return to the West
1316Famine strikes Europe
1347The Black Death takes root in Italy. By 1351 it would spread throughout Europe.
1418 - 1449Fifth Crusade against the Necromancers
1433Jehanne D'Arc is killed in southern France
1449Lord Amonsil, the last of the necromancers, is destroyed in Cairo, ending the Fifth Crusade
1461 - 1464Sixth Crusade against the Fell Spirits
1492 - 1493Columbus's first expedition to the New World is followed by his second, which is utterly destroyed
1521CortÚs is defeated at Tenochtitlan, ending the age of the conquistadors
1555Nostradamus completes Centuries and is branded a heretic
1586Assassination of King Philip II
1587Galileo is imprisoned by the Inquisition for his heretical use of magic
1588The Spanish Armada prepares to invade England