Derived Statistics
ACTION POINTS (AP): This represents how quickly a character can perform an action. The higher the value, the more quickly your character acts.
Primary Factor - AG

ARMOR CLASS (AC): Armor class represents how hard it is to hit a critter and do damage. The higher AC something has, the better. Armor class is based strictly on Agility, but may be augmented and improved by wearing armor.
Primary Factor - AG

HEALING RATE (HR): People heal at different rates over time. If your character has taken damage, he will get a number of hit points back periodically during game play based on this value, so the higher the better.
Primary Factor - EN

HIT POINTS (HP): This number represents the amount of damage a character can take before death. Hit points are based mostly on Endurance, but are modified by Strength as well. Fortunately, as the character improves and gains experience levels, he will also gain more hit points.
Primary Factors - EN, ST

MANA (MP): This number represents the magical energy your character has available to him at any given time. Because magical energy is channeled from the spirit within you, Mana is based on Charisma and Perception. As you cast spells, you will spend Mana, which can only be regained by acquisition or time.
Primary Factors - CH, PE

RESISTANCE - DAMAGE: A character has resistances for each type of damage -- acid, cold, crushing, disease, electrical, fire, piercing, poison and slashing. Resistances represent the character's ability to shrug off some or all of the damages he would normally receive. The higher the percentage, the less damage that he is going to take. Resistances over 100% actually HEAL the player instead of harm him.