The Crypt - Doomed Plateau
The Crypt - Doomed Plateau

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1 - Undead Templar

Tell the knight that you're there to protect the relic, and he and his fellow undead knights will let you roam freely on the level. Plus, they'll sometimes help you kill the undead creatures you'll find. Before parting, the knight will suggest you talk to Jehanne (Joan of Arc). Most of this level will involve fighting your way to her.

2 - Secret Room with Revenants

The secret room doesn't show up on the overhead map for some reason.

3 - Crypt with Revenants

4 - Mechanism

This mechanism lowers the nearby wall segment.

5 - Secret Room

6 - Jehanne d'Arc

Jehanne won't be happy to see you when you arrive, but don't attack her. Just talk to her long enough for her to mention the Council that has been guiding her, and then leave.

After you speak to the Spirit Council (#8), talk to Jehanne again. Tell her you've come to lift her curse, and then mention that the Council wishes to help its "Pious Child." Jehanne will realize you're speaking the truth, and she'll cause the wooden beams next to her to lower, allowing you to go deeper into the Crypt.

If your speech rating is at least 65, you can ask Jehanne to join your party, and then she'll stay with you until you lift her curse or until the end of the game.

7 - Mechanisms

The two mechanisms will lower the nearby wall segments and wooden beams, including the wall segment blocking access to the Spirit Council (#8).

8 - Spirit Council

You'll learn that the Spirit Council calls Jehanne their "Pious Child," and that a wish from an efreet is what caused Jehanne and the Knights Templar in the area to become undead.

    A. Exit to the Retreat of Souls.
    B. Exit to the Crypte de Trois.
    C. Exit to the Merovingian Crypt.
    D. Exit to the Burial Chambers.




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