Barcelona Forests - Scar Ravine
Barcelona Forests - Scar Ravine

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1 - Goblin and the Girl

If you talk to the goblin, you'll find out he's planning to use the girl in an upcoming feast. If your speech rating is at least 55, you can convince the goblin to let you take the girl to the Goblin Khan, and she'll go free (50 experience). Otherwise, you'll have to fight the goblin to free the girl (49 experience). The girl is Gloria, the woodcutter's daughter.

    A. Exit to the Crossroads.
    B. Exit to the Old Shipwreck. (This exit will only appear if your current luck is 10 when you enter Scar Ravine.)
    C. Exit to Ravine Cave West.
    D. Exit to Ravine Cave East.




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