The Crypt - Retreat of Souls
The Crypt - Retreat of Souls

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1 - Big Mechanism

Once all three wooden beams (#2) go down, you'll be able to activate the big mechanism. It will lower the beams blocking the eastern exit (#4).

2 - Wooden Beams

Each of the wooden beams is associated with a mechanism (#3). Once you activate a mechanism, its partner beam will go down.

3 - Mechanisms

4 - Eastern Exit

Once the wooden beams blocking the exit go down, you'll have to battle the Second Guardian.

5 - Secret Room

6 - Crypt with Revenants

Revenants are nasty because they hit hard and have a vampiric attack. They also tend to attack in pairs. Fireball and Exorcism are effective against them, and if you have an AC over 150, they'll have trouble hitting you.

7 - Secret Room with Ivory Mace of Divinity

The Ivory Mace of Divinity (5-11 crushing damage, 3-9 bonus damage against undead, 3% chance to kill undead outright, +1 to all Divine magic branches) will appear on the ground when you click on the crypt in the room.

8 - More Mechanisms

When you activate the mechanisms, nearby wall segments will go down.

9 - Yet Another Mechanism

When you activate this mechanism, the three crypts in the room will open up, and the nearby illusionary wall will "unlock" (although you'll still have to detect it). You can open the crypts before activating the mechanism to make things easier.

10 - Secret Room with Mechanism

This mechanism will briefly raise the wooden beams in the room to the south (#11). If you have a ranged attack, you can raise the beams and then open the nearby crypts so you can shoot at the undead creatures the crypts produce without fear of retaliation.

11 - Room with Three Crypts

    A. Exit to the Antechamber.
    B. Exit to the Mausoleum of Clovis.
    C. Exit to the Defiled Vault of Remigius.
    D. Exit to the Doomed Plateau.




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