Barcelona - Trapped Ether Plane
Barcelona - Trapped Ether Plane

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1 - Starting Point (First Island)

You'll have to face a bunch of huge brittle skeletons after the Mad Enchanter taunts you. This is the most difficult battle in the area (since you can break up the other battles).

2 - Mechanism

Activating it will create a land bridge to the second island.

3 - Sir Earl Thomas Jameson II (Pile of Bones)

When you click on him, you'll be able to convince him to create a land bridge to the third island.

4 - Marco Polo (Pile of Bones)

Marco Polo will give you a choice: to simply leave the ether plane (via the yellow crystal in #5), or to punish the Mad Enchanter. If you decide to take on the Mad Enchanter, you'll have to go back to Sir Earl Thomas Jameson II (#3) to get his assistance, and then return to Marco Polo so that together they form a land bridge to the fourth island. Regardless of the decision you make, Marco Polo will ask you to take him with you in the form of a pair of boots: Marco Polo's Boots (+1 endurance, +20 carry weight).

5 - Mad Enchanter

If your speech rating is at least 45, you can convince him that others are coming to get him, and that the only way for him to escape is to kill himself (257 experience). Otherwise, you'll have to kill him yourself (also 257 experience). (You can try bartering with him, but that won't get you anywhere useful.). When the Mad Enchanter dies, he'll drop the Sword of Kublai Khan (4-11 slashing damage, +1 luck, +10 one-handed melee, -250 karma).

    A. Teleportation Crystal to La Calle Perdida. It will only work after you've spoken to Marco Polo and perhaps dealt with the Mad Enchanter.




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