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The Ant
The Ant hates those who prey on the weak or defenseless. Imbued with the powers of, and control over, ants, he is doggedly determined when it comes to besting an opponent. When not rounding up criminals, he tends to be quiet and introspective, as he doubts his place in the team. His lack of self-confidence is his major weakness.

Recruitment Cost: Free


   - Heavy Lifter (Starting)
   - Wall Climbing (Starting)
   - Nimble (200 CP)
The Ant
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Soldier Ant
Thorax Punch Starting power, 213 CP for each upgrade.
Acid Bomb Starting power, 131 CP for each upgrade.
Pincer Punch 889 CP to acquire, 177 CP for each upgrade.
Metabolize 564 CP to acquire, 112 CP for each upgrade.
Mandible Assault 931 CP to acquire, 186 CP for each upgrade.

Worker Ant
Burrow Starting power, no upgrades available.
Shove Starting power, 242 CP for each upgrade.
Tunnel Travel Starting power, no upgrades available.
Ultrasonic Squeal 161 CP to acquire, 32 CP for each upgrade.
Ant Swarm 612 CP to acquire, 122 CP for each upgrade.