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In an alternate future, robots rule the earth, and human beings are a pestilence to be hunted and destroyed. This is all that Microwave can recall after Mentor accidentally erased his memory banks while trying to subdue the savage robot. With a clean slate, Microwave has turned his radioactive powers toward fighting crime.

Recruitment Cost: 7189 Prestige Points


   - Cybernetic Brain (Starting)
   - Radioactive (Starting)
   - Charged (350 CP)
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Beam Projection
Microwave Beam Starting power, 70 CP for each upgrade.
Irradiate Starting power, 132 CP for each upgrade.
Rad Cone Starting power, 117 CP for each upgrade.
Meltdown 414 CP to acquire, 82 CP for each upgrade.

Interference Starting power, 252 CP for each upgrade.
Displace Image Starting power, no upgrades available.
Teleport Self 300 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.
Genetic Damage 592 CP to acquire, 118 CP for each upgrade.
Clone Self 750 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.