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Liberty Lad
Liberty Lad is the "little brother" of the team. Passionate about super-powered heroes, as Nick Craft he was often found nose down in the latest comic book. Through an accident of fate, Nick received an Energy X saturated blood transfusion from Minuteman, giving the lad a second chance at life... and amazing powers.

Recruitment Cost: Free


   - Jumper (Starting)
   - Danger Sense (300 CP)
   - Crack Shot (250 CP)
   - Nimble (200 CP)
Liberty Lad
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The Ol' One Two Starting power, 130 CP for each upgrade.
Schoolyard Taunt Starting power, 66 CP for each upgrade.
Flip-Kick Starting power, 140 CP for each upgrade.
Tumble 375 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.
Throw Voice 1115 CP to acquire, 223 CP for each upgrade.

Molecular Control
Firecracker Starting power, 186 CP for each upgrade.
Energy Grenade Starting power, 114 CP for each upgrade.
Proximity Grenade 479 CP to acquire, 95 CP for each upgrade.
Molecular Excitation 161 CP to acquire, 32 CP for each upgrade.