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Mortally wounded while attempting to foil a communist plot, Frank Stile's powers were given to him by an Energy X imbued statue of the patriotic Minute Man. Taking on the name and mantle of this historical figure, he became Minuteman, and seeks to fight crime whenever it threatens the day-to-day life of honest americans!

Recruitment Cost: Free


   - Disciplined (Starting)
   - Jumper (Starting)
   - Heroic (900 CP)
   - Extra Heroic (1150 CP)
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Smash Starting power, 163 CP for each upgrade.
Strike For Freedom Starting power, 186 CP for each upgrade.
300-Percenter 300 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.
Vanquish 479 CP to acquire, 95 CP for each upgrade.
Patriot Whirl 708 CP to acquire, 141 CP for each upgrade.

National Guard Starting power, 130 CP for each upgrade.
Eternal Vigilance Starting power, 114 CP for each upgrade.
Minute Missile 188 CP to acquire, 37 CP for each upgrade.
Rally the Troops 269 CP to acquire, 53 CP for each upgrade.