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Iron Ox
Alfred "Iron Ox" Jenkins spent much of his youth traveling around England, boxing in exhibition matches. But as the thrill of the fight faded, Alfred retired to America, seeking new fortunes. When struck by a beam of Energy X, Alfred found himself invigorated, and ready to fight once more!

Recruitment Cost: 8260 Pretige Points


   - Armored (Starting)
   - Jumper (Starting)
   - Grim Resolve (200 CP)
   - Disciplined (350 CP)
Iron Ox
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Biff Starting power, 211 CP for each upgrade.
Haymaker Starting power, 219 CP for each upgrade.
Fancy Footwork 455 CP to acquire, 91 CP for each upgrade.

Jab Starting power, 146 CP for each upgrade.
Sunday Punch Starting power, 158 CP for each upgrade.
Iron Jaw Starting power, 98 CP for each upgrade.
Force Wave 796 CP to acquire, 159 CP for each upgrade.