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Don Samson was a rookie cop, fresh to the beat of Patriot City. Assigned to a witness protection program and told to "look the other way", Don's resolve to uphold the law was only strengthened. When he and the witness were struck with Energy X, they became inextricably linked, and formed the tag-team of Law and Order.

Recruitment Cost: 8319 Prestige Points


   - Berserker (Starting)
   - Jumper (300 CP)
   - Heroic (900 CP)
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Punishment Starting power, 116 CP for each upgrade.
Hammer Crush Starting power, 75 CP for each upgrade.
Quake Starting power, 55 CP for each upgrade.
Hammer Carnage 1166 CP to acquire, 233 CP for each upgrade.

Transform Starting power, no upgrades available.
Blind Justice Starting power, no upgrades available.
Condemnation Starting power, 156 CP for each upgrade.
Order in the Court 180 CP to acquire, 36 CP for each upgrade.