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Law started her crime-fighting career early, as a witness to a botched mob hit that cost her her sight. Becoming the target of hit-men herself, she was placed under the protection of an honest cop. When the pair were struck with Energy X, they became inextricably linked, and formed the tag-team of Law and Order.

Recruitment Cost: 8319 Prestige Points


   - Blind (Starting)
   - Danger Sense (Starting)
   - Heroic (Starting)
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Justice Starting power, 102 CP for each upgrade.
Thrust Starting power, 106 CP for each upgrade.
Slash Starting power, 202 CP for each upgrade.
Trouncing 1159 CP to acquire, 231 CP for each upgrade.

Transform Starting power, no upgrades available.
Mercy Starting power, 63 CP for each upgrade.
Harmony Starting power, 156 CP for each upgrade.
Commuted Sentence Starting power, no upgrades available.
Balance 255 CP to acquire, 51 CP for each upgrade.