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In and out of jail for burglary, Cassandra Calloway realized that crime truly did not pay, and consigned herself to a life of misery. But when she was bombarded with Energy X, she decided to turn her life towards preventing crime, rather than perpetrating it. Thus, Blackbird was born.

Recruitment Cost: 7836 Prestige Points


   - Rapid Metabolism (Starting)
   - Flier (Starting)
   - Level Headed (Starting)
   - Beautiful (Starting)
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Talons of Fury
Piercing Peck Starting power, 161 CP for each upgrade.
Fluttering Feathers Starting power, 91 CP for each upgrade.
Blinding Scratch 517 CP to acquire, 103 CP for each upgrade.

Sonic Vibe
Seeking Beam Starting power, 254 CP for each upgrade.
Sonic Wing Starting power, 126 CP for each upgrade.
Call of Confusion Starting power, 69 CP for each upgrade.
Icy Shriek 750 CP to acquire, 150 CP for each upgrade.