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While he is responsible for the founding of the original Freedom Force, Mentor remains a mystery, content to let other team members do the talking publically. With his phenomenal powers of the mind, Mentor instills terror in his opponents, but the strange alien deals daily with a fear of his own...

Recruitment Cost: Free


   - Disciplined (Starting)
   - Unbeliever (350 CP)
   - Levitate (750 CP)
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Disorientation Starting power, 171 CP for each upgrade.
Instinct Dominance Starting power, 108 CP for each upgrade.
Cerebral Balance Starting power, no upgrades available.
Mental Barrier 525 CP to acquire, 105 CP for each upgrade.
Cortical Suppression 693 CP to acquire, 138 CP for each upgrade.

Alien Energy
Psyche-Slash Starting power, 123 CP for each upgrade.
Electron Beam Starting power, 95 CP for each upgrade.
Kinetic Barrier 797 CP to acquire, 159 CP for each upgrade.
Phase Cone 562 CP to acquire, 112 CP for each upgrade.