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Johny Azotl used to scorn the traditions of his ancestors - until the power of Energy X combined with an ancient staff to reawaken the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl!

Recruitment Cost: 6807 Prestige Points


   - Flier (Starting)
   - Beautiful (250 CP)
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Aztec Mercy Starting power, 112 CP for each upgrade.
Remove Curse Starting power, no upgrades available.
Mindwash Starting power, no upgrades available.
Radiant Infusion 277 CP to acquire, 55 CP for each upgrade.
Sacrifice 1244 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.

Snake Venom Smash Starting power, 68 CP for each upgrade.
Serpent Strike Starting power, 60 CP for each upgrade.
Sunblock Starting power, 151 CP for each upgrade.
Hex of the Snake 702 CP to acquire, 140 CP for each upgrade.
Proxy Shield 1011 CP to acquire, 202 CP for each upgrade.