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Supercollider appeared on the scene seemingly out of nowhere. Is he a visitor from another world, stranded on our planet? Or maybe a secret government project gone wrong? Whatever the case, he seems to be here to help, albeit in a monosyllabic and destructive manner.

Recruitment Cost: 8199 Prestige Points


   - Weak Minded (Starting)
   - Solid Skeleton (500 CP)
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Wham Starting power, 170 CP for each upgrade.
Headbutt Starting power, 166 CP for each upgrade.
Slam Starting power, 121 CP for each upgrade.
Shockwave 384 CP to acquire, 76 CP for each upgrade.

Tier B
Shrug Off Starting power, 153 CP for each upgrade.
Proton Shield Starting power, 147 CP for each upgrade.
Roaring Doom 333 CP to acquire, 66 CP for each upgrade.