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Eve first appeared in a park clad in nothing at all, and armed with a decidedly deadly bow. She is able to fire her bow with pinpoint accuracy, shows some limited control over plant and animal life, and has a hypnotic effect on human males. Eve is extremely quiet, almost never speaking to the public, and hardly to the team.

Recruitment Cost: Free


   - Beautiful (Starting)
   - Crack Shot (Starting)
   - Temperature Control (Starting)
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Arrow Starting power, 147 CP for each upgrade.
Living Arrow Starting power, 120 CP for each upgrade.
Acid Arrow Starting power, 110 CP for each upgrade.
Swarm of Arrows 1607 CP to acquire, 321 CP for each upgrade.

Nature's Glory
Nature's Kiss Starting power, 72 CP for each upgrade.
Swarm of Leaves Starting power, 163 CP for each upgrade.
Binding Vines Starting power, 99 CP for each upgrade.
Empathy 375 CP to acquire, no upgrades available.