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1: You've come back from NSF Airfield, either joined secretly with the NSF or still on board with UNATCO. You'll be required to see Manderley again of course, so proceed to level 2 and talk to his secretary first. As before with UNATCO HQ, search every room you've already been in for item respawns (to simulate real life I suppose because they are not always in the same place).

2: His secretary tells you to deliver a message to Jaime Reyes. Report to Manderley and you'll get your pay plus an assignment to Hong Kong. Check your e-mail in your own office on level 2 and head to the break room, where you'll see Jaime and Walter Simons chatting. Talk to them both to learn a bit more, and then proceed down to level 3 to see Alex, Carter, and have any new Augs installed. Head back up to the awaiting helicopter.

3: Jock informs you that Paul needs your help and is no longer taking you to Hong Kong but to Hell's Kitchen to see Paul.