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1: You're back from Hell's Kitchen and wanting your reward. Here it is. I really enjoyed these UNATCO HQ debriefings because it was a leisurely break from the rest of the game and still allowed you to stock up, relax and explore more of the storyline. Each time you visit the HQ, return to the previous places and you're very likely to see new supplies and equipment waiting for you. The offices on Level 1 for instance, or the bunker next to the helipad -- Alex's "2001" store room and secret floor panel room, or Manderley's office; each place has respawned items so be thorough.

2: Your primary objective is to report to Manderley. Be sure to check your own e-mail, and login to Manderley's computer using the jmanderley and knight_killer for some more depth. When you reach his office, you'll need to wait outside until the imposing figure, leaves. You can listen in on their conversation by the door. Go on in and talk with Manderley to get your op. bonuses and debriefing. Your next objective is to head back to Battery Park and investigate the subway system in hopes of locating a secret airfield where the NSF are hiding the rest of the ambrosia.

3: Before that, you'll want to speak with Sam Carter for your secondary objective, install any augmentations (I'd recommend speed enhancement and aqualung) with the medbot in Reyes' office, and sneak into the back of Anna Navarre's office where an interrogation is taking place. Walter Simons is there with a couple NSF terrorists, and if you stay there for awhile you can listen and observe.

4: When you're ready, head back out to the chopper, and then fly over to Battery Park to take a deeper look into the subway system. The next two missions "Battery Park" and "NSF Airfield" are actually part of the same mission, but broken into slightly more digestible and logical chunks.