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Paris 2
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1: All along the city streets of paris there are walking robots, MJ12 troops and commandos, and police who aren't aggressive until you either kill someone within their sight or they see you breaking and entering. Fortunately, by exiting through the locked sewer grate onto the streets you can avoid all the troops, commandos and robots and still find most of the secrets.

2: As soon as you enter, head north a few steps and just slightly west into the fairly big alley around the building to the west. You'll be safe here. You're in the northernmost section of the city. To the south of you and to the east you'll find most of the MJ12 and robots, so we're going to stay west and head south. Take the alley west to a set of crates. A small robot will be walking up and down this small street. It's easy to avoid. Just pass up this street, continuing west when it's walking the opposite way.

3: Now you'll be in an empty northwest section of town. Head south around the building and you'll be in a square of sorts with some police (green to your reticle), and a couple of ATM machines to the east, which can be accessed multiple times with the several accounts you find in Paris. The building south of the one with ATM's is the cafe and that's where we're headed. Further to the south you'll notice a tall columned building. An MJ12 troop walks a path around it, but it takes him a long time so you may not even see him.

4: Walk into the back entrance of the cafe (building 19 it says on the plaque near the door). Walk through the kitchen into the front and onto the small raised table area. Jaime Reyes will be sitting in a chair in the corner if you had him stay at UNATCO. He'll give you Gunther's killphrase: "laputan machine". 5: The woman walking around in the same room below can tell you Nicolette is in the club across the street. Open the front doors and we're going to make a run for the club, which you can see in red neon ahead of you. Turn on your cloak aug if you have it, or thermo camo and speed and dash across. With patience you can simply wait for their patterns and run across unnoticed, but what's a few bioelectric joules expended?

6: Enter the club, and head around the corridor and pay the cover charge of 300 credits to the man. Alternately you can enter the grate in the corridor for lockpicks but since they're relatively scarce, it's probably better to pay and get a key.

7: When you enter, you'll be facing south. Talk to the people in the room, and head right and up a small stairway on the west wall. Upstairs there's a young woman sitting at a table who will arrange a meeting with Nicolette when you talk to her. Head back downstairs and to the room directly to the south with the bar, bartender and guard.

8: A woman named Cassandra is walking around here, and if you pay her 200 credits she'll give you the safe room code, 1966, though I'd prefer a different way. Enter the bar behind the door and head right (west). In the room with the accountant, who will give you a tip for 1000 credits (alert - not worth it), there's a painting with a low strength you can hack into for the safe room code, 1966, and a club nanokey. Head back to the east side of this office area and enter the code for some worthy supplies.

9: Exit out the back to the north, take a right and you'll find both the helicopter and Nicolette. Talk to her to find out your next spot to search, Chataeu DuClare, but tell her to wait and you'll be right back. You could of course end the mission right now by saying "let's go" but there's more exploring to do around this non-hostile area. To the west of the copter is a stairwell up the side of the building to apartment 12. Enter with lockpicks, head upstairs, unlock the cabinet and search under the bed for supplies, and head out the back door upstairs for more supplies and a small skill bonus.

10: Back outside near the foot of the stairwell is another alley stairwell leading to apartment 11, with the good stuff. There's a police below near the hostel but his back is turned. Head up the stairs, face down and throw a LAM. It will bounce but stay in the area while you run downstairs and around the corner while it blows up. The policeman won't even notice the explosion (a bit unrealistic but let's give the game credit for its time). Head through the doorway to a two part room with great supplies. In the front, you'll get weapon mods, ammo and supplies. In the back locker (also breakable with a LAM) are more weapon mods and ammo. Search both rooms for great stuff and head back down the stairs to the chopper. To your right (south) is the hostel.

11: Enter through the door, head all the way back and around to the bar. Sitting in a chair in white is Renault, a drug dealer. For a small mission, he'll send you to the bakery to fetch some zyme vials for 50 creds each. Tell him you'll think about it and head upstairs in the hostel. Find the end of the hallway for a cart with hotel nanokey. Use it on the locked door to find some supplies. Exit the hostel via the south doors and you'll find the bakery the first building to the west. Take the back alley around the bakery to find a locked door.

12: Making sure no police see you, enter through the bakery's door, stay low so none see you through the front windows, and open the nearby slats along the left wall. Around the corner and behind the slats are the zyme vials. Take them back to Renault for 50c or refuse him once for 65c each. Don't refuse him twice unless you don't mind a pointless fight.

13: Head back to Nicolette, tell her you're ready to go, and use the chopper to make your getaway to Chateau DuClare.