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Lower East Side Cemetery
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1: Welcome to the cemetery, where you're supposed to meet with Stanton Dowd in the Dowd crypt. It's a very short level that will be over in no time, and then it's off to gay Paris. After Jock drops you off, hit the call button on the gate and the grounds keeper will walk out of the gate house to open it.

2: He'll tell you Stanton is expecting you in the Dowd crypt. It's the only building around so enter, descend the stairs and talk with Stanton who's walking around down there. You'll give him the Ambrosia vial you picked up on the chem lab on the ship, and he'll tell you all about the Illuminati... well a little about it, plus a little about a man named Everett who you're supposed to find. Keep talking to him for more... as it's amazing how much he actually says after the main conversation is over. Perhaps even a peak at a possible ending?

3: Search the front right coffin in front of the stairs for some useful supplies, and the left coffin is a secret entrance to the very small tunnel system below... though you can access them from the sliding door behind the stairs. Take the coffin though, grab supplies along the way and exit back up to the cemetery via a ladder. When you do Jock informs you that some sort of interference is preventing him from landing.

4: Expect MJ12 guards outside who have apparently followed you here... nothing too tough but you may want to don your Cloak. Go to the gate house, open the painting on the wall, bypass the keypad and discover a secret room with an unusual device. Slash at it a couple times with your Dragon Sword or use a LAM to destroy it, and then head back out. More troopers await. Defeat them and/or head to the chopper to be taken to Paris.