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Hell's Kitchen 4
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1: Finally out of Hong Kong. Very fun but the longest level in the game. This is a rather short interlude between levels, as all you'll need to do are two, possibly three things. You begin on the roof of the 'Ton Hotel, just above Paul's apartment. You can search the secret bookshelf behind the painting and it will have some but not a lot new. Use the code 4321 if you don't remember.

2: Your first goal is to head to the Underworld Tavern to talk with Harley Filben about Stanton Dowd. You know where it is. Just climb down the fire escape, walk up the alley and use the back entrance. Watch for riot cops everywhere except the tavern. Once inside, Harley shouldn't be too tough to find, as he's in one of the main rooms. He'll tell you Stanton is hiding in the Osgood & Sons ruined warehouse next to the hotel. By the way, he's not actually there until you find Harley. He will also mention the reporter Joe Greene, and ask that you kill him. It'll be a secondary goal and you can find him in the clinic. Also be sure and talk to the marine Vinny by the bar. Tell him you'll "check it out" for him, and you'll get some help with the next level.

3: Head out the back of the bar and you'll see the clinic entrance nearby. Enter and Joe Greene is on the far right corner. Tell him he's with UNATCO and he'll go hostile on you and run. You can prod or kill him, it makes no difference.

4: Exit the clinic, take a right to the street and then follow it down to the ruins of Osgood & Sons. Stanton Dowd is around a corner near a burning barrel and is not difficult to find. He'll let you know the whereabouts of the ship and tell you how to sink it, by placing explosives in five key areas. If you don't have enough LAM's right now, he suggests going to the Smuggler, who happens to be the only other thing other than the Hotel that's open. You'll also receive a map of the ship with X's where the charges should go.

5: Getting to the Smuggler is a little more difficult as after your conversation with Stanton, you'll be stalked by several UNATCO troops heading your way. Using your Cloak (and recirculator) is a good idea on the way to the smuggler. It's just behind and to the left of the subway stairs. If you've never been there, see Hell's Kitchen 1.

6: Once inside, the Smuggler can sell you a half dozen LAM's at not a terrible deal. All that's left is making it back up the fire escape and onto the roof of the 'Ton Hotel. Use your speed, cloak and recirculator for easiest results. Jock will fly you to the Naval Shipyards.