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Battery Park 2
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1: Your primary objective is to explore the subway system, looking for NSF underground, and to find the hidden airbase where the ambrosia is being kept. After you land, head east to the shacks near the subway. In the southern shack is a locked box with a book that has the underground code: 6653. You can also talk to Curly in the western shack, and if you've rescued and spoke to the bum in Hell's Kitchen Part 1 (described at #2 there), Curly will give you the same code. Harley in the station itself can sell you the code as well.

2: Head down into the subway station and into the telephone booth on the west wall. Enter the code 6653 to descend to very large rectangular underground area with tracks, a couple bathrooms and several sets of stairways. In the northeast corner of this area is a corridor blocked by a cave-in. Talk to Charlie (the bum) who's standing just south of the room with the cave-in. He wants the water to be turned back on in return for information. To rid the corridor of debris, you'll need a LAM. If you already have one, you can use it here, otherwise you can get one from the Rooks, a gang upstairs.

3: All stairways lead to the Rooks' hideout. Their leader is at one end of the upstairs long corridor and named El Rey. You can either buy it off him for 750 or do a little favor by getting rid of the drug dealer back downstairs. If you want to do the dirty deed, you only need to prod the drug dealer to make him unconscious and return to El Rey. The dealer is in the southeast corner downstairs.

4: When you have a LAM ready, head to the northeast corner downstairs and toss it in the corridor. When the smoke settles, travel down the passage to another large room. You can run through the steam for damage or walk up a plank, over another pipe and hop into the large pipe on the far end of the room. At the end of it is a locked grate. On the other side, shut off both valves near ground level to turn the supply back on. Return to Charlie and he'll give you the code to the security panel under the sink in the ladies' restroom, 5482.

5: Take a look inside the ladies' restroom along the side of the large area and use the security panel under the sink. Enter the code 5482 you got from Charlie and it will open a wall leading to the NSF hideout, where several NSF roam about. Climb down the ladder, and crouch/walk south along the right side of the tunnel track so that any NSF walking along the raised track do not spot you. When you come to a hole in the right wall, enter it and speak with Kevin for some skill points. He'll tell you about the NSF leader in a secret room to the south. Continue south along the tunnel until just before the end. In the southwest corner is a ramshackle "room" with a few cardboard boxes.

6: Behind the northernmost box is a secret brick along the floor. Press the brick to open a wall panel and reveal another room with the leader. Walk inside and he'll immediately surrender. All remaining NSF will now be non-hostile to you, so don't shoot. Instead, feel free to roam around and loot the place, but take the nanokey on the desk behind the leader. It opens a locked door all the way to the north.

7: Proceed north all the way to a locked men's room door. Use your nanokey ring on it, and then continue until you reach a forked water path with a danger sign and crates in the area. The easiest path is to the left laser array, stacking a small crate before the array and simply jumping over (using your speed if you have it), rather than wasting multitools on the electronic control panel at the fork.

8: After the lasers, climb up the blockade and continue down the corridor until you reach another room. There's a security camera with turrets on the right side, so sneak under it, and be aware of a guard who patrols the area straight ahead, as well as walks around to the corridor off the right.

9: Sneak into the right corridor and wait for the guard, who will just pull shy of the corner. When he's down, grab his nanokey which unlocks the door further ahead.

10: Use your nanokey ring on the door and enter a room with a laser array and a small shaft on the left wall. Stack the crates so that you can open the small shaft and crawl through, only to drop into the water. Enter the water, turn on your aqualung and speed (or whichever you have... hopefully one of them) and swim through the opening underwater... turning on your light for navigation. It's not long but will start to take off health without using one or both of the augs. Follow the small tunnel to its end, climb a ladder and you'll be tucked in a room that's blocked by gigantic boulders with a small crevice under them into the adjoining corridor.

11: The corridor beyond is being patrolled by two sentry bots, one of them faster than another. Along the left and right sides of the walls there are crawl spaces at ground level. Wait until the bots are at the end of the corridor or not facing you, and enter the left closest crawl space. Wait again and dash across to the first right one. Enter deeper into it and follow it until you emerge on the same side a bit further down and across from a corridor entrance straight ahead. Run across when you can, and continue on.

12: In the machine room ahead, read the datacube between the two machines on the ground to get the login codes "etodd" and pass "saintmary". Exit through the double doors, and the next set of doors lead into the helibase next to the airfield.