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Chateau DuClare
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1: Nicolette tells you at the beginning of this short mission, that her mother's bedroom upstairs would be a good place to start looking for clues. Begin by moving around the house to the back, noticing the maze off to the left. In fact, it might be a good idea at this time to navigate the short maze to find the crypt at the far west end of it, as you'll be coming back here shortly, only there will be a couple MJ12 commandos.

2: Break open the boards across the back door and enter. Take a left and enter the kitchen, then take the dumbwaiter up to her mother's bedroom by using the switch. Nicolette will take the stairs to follow you. Inside, grab everything including Nicolette's bedroom nanokey, and behind the large painting, a weapon mod, datacube with the account "bduclare" and "nico_angel", and the basement nanokey.

3: Exit the room and make your way down the hallway to the door at the end, which is Nicolette's room. Open it using her nanokey, and activate the skull above the fireplace to reveal a secret compartment with useful items.

4: Head downstairs now (opposite end of the hallway), and back into the kitchen. Feel free to explore more beforehand but we've discovered most of the consequential items here. Use your basement key on the locked door and proceed to the wine cellar. On the right side is a candelabra in an unlikely spot. Activate it to open a secret wall.

5: Head through the next room and break through the downed beams on the stairway with your Dragon Sword (or LAM). Upstairs will be a small room with crates and a security computer terminal on the wall. Hack it to open the augmentation containment field further on.

6: Continue a little further to reach the computer terminal, and behind the wall, the Aggressive Defense/Spy Drone AUGMENTATION CANISTER and upgrade. Use the computer with the login "bduclare" and "nico_angel", and transmit the meeting signal. Afterward, Nicolette will give you a key to the crypt, leading to the cathedral, your next mission.

7: But first you need to exit the house to the west, and make your way due west through the maze, fighting off or sneaking (using Cloak perhaps) past a couple MJ12 commandos on the way. Scouting out the area before would have helped but it's really an easy "maze." Just keep heading west to a small grassy area with crypt. Unlock the door using the keyring and enter.