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Hell's Kitchen 2
Hell's Kitchen Rooftops (for End of Mission)

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1: You've taken care of the odds 'n ends in part 1 (Tavern, Clinic, 'Ton Hotel, Hostage Situation, etc.) and are now ready for the primary mission to find the NSF generator. To the left of the 'Ton Hotel is a small building called Osgood & Sons Imports. It's to the far left of the subway stairs, then up the street a few feet and on your left. To the right of the building is a small stairway with a breakable window. Use the crowbar (or gun), and break and enter.

2: Head upstairs and activate your microfibral muscle to move the large crates. Apart from some supplies here, In a locked room you'll find an AUGMENTATION CANISTER. Rather than taking the hallways to the outside, head back downstairs and again down more stairs until you find a laser grid and electronic console.

3: Bypass the console using multitools, and head to the end of the hallway and up to a door. As in every other area, search for supplies.

4: Use the code you got from either Janey or Dan at the tavern (in Part 1), 3316, to unlock the door and enter the elevator up to the roof. Once outside, walk forward and Alex transmits you an image of the area. Where you exit is where the "Begin" is on the map above. You're going to follow the numbers in order.Beware of NSF patrolling all over the rooftops, stay low and out of sight.

5: Enter the building at #1 by picking the lock. Inside you'll find a door on the right with wooden planks barring entrance. Break these with your crowbar and open the door to find some supplies.

6: Break the glass at #2 and jump down to the fire escape. Your goal is #3, a window with a plank leading up to it. Walk down to the bottom, and you might see the guard patrolling near #3. Wait until he's moved away and silently jump down into the darkness from the fire escape facing #3.

7: The guard at #3 will be walking a circular route around another rooftop, so wait until he's away and ascend the plank. Beware there's a drop between the end of the plank and the window... so you'll need to jump onto the window sill. When you're perched next to the window, use your crowbar to smash it, and enter the building.

8: Take the stairs down into darkness, flip on your light, and rearrange the boxes so that you can crawl through the breakable window at #4. Break it from on top of the box and crawl through onto a fire escape. Ahead of you and to the right, you'll see a long ladder leading up the side of a building. That's your destination, #5. In order to get there. Simply take the fire escape railing down to another small rooftop nearby, and drop from that onto the rooftop with the ladder.

9: There are NSF on the roof, so wait until it's clear and climb up. On your immediate right you'll see stairs heading down, and to the right of those stairs, at #6 along the roof's edge, a small set of stairs going up and over the top. That's where you want to go quickly. Descend the ladder on the other side, and then another ladder at #7. A door will be there at the bottom.

10: Smash the door in with your crowbar (since it's merely a wooden door) and enter. Hack into the computer and shut down the generator's cooling systems. After that, leave the room through the door you smashed, and the building will be on full alert. You'll be transmitted orders to meet the chopper on the roof, as Gunther will be there taking down NSF.

11: Don't worry about Gunther. Instead, we'll go after an Augmentation Cannister. Take the stairs down from just outside the computer room you were just in, and hang a left around the corner. Slip through an unlocked gate, and you'll see a covered up stairway at #8 (which is impossible to see on the map but in that area) on the ground next to the building. Bypass the security keypad and descend the set of stairs. There are few NSF down here but many laser grids and security cameras. But what we need to do is simple.

12: At the foot of the stairs, hang a left but be careful of the camera directly overhead. Slip under it, and continue left. There's a small niche you can sneak into on the left side past the camera to avoid the other camera where the hall makes a right around a corner. In the hallway you came from, and in front of the niche if you're facing out, is a locked door with keypad. Slip out of the niche, and under the camera in the corner of the hall. On the other side of the room with the door is another unlocked door. Use it when the camera's looking away... or not, because it's likely the NSF are too busy now to come, until you get inside.

13: Inside the room are some supplies, a security computer panel to shut off the cameras, and a safe under the desk. Use a LAM you'll find in the room on the safe and hide behind the other side of the very sturdy desk. After the explosion, grab the AUGMENTATION CANISTER, which happens to be an aqualung I'd recommend installing next chance. Be careful about guards in the area hearing the doors close. They'll come looking... likely one or two of them, and even open the door to the room you're in. Deal with them as usual. After you're done, head back up the stairs you came down on to the surface, and then back to the door you smashed in earlier.

14: Jump to and climb the ladder you've already been on beside the smashed door, up to the rooftop, and ascend the other ladder once on top. Gunther will be on the roof probably doing nothing at the moment. There may be another NSF soldier up there that's not giving him trouble. All you need to do is run to the other side to the awaiting helicopter, and get in. Congrats! Now get ready for a debriefing at UNATCO HQ again.