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Hong Kong 1
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1: Finally, you arrive in Hong Kong with Jock, but there's a snag. You've been detained (somewhat like in Star Wars) in a hangar and the weapon-lock on Jock's chopper has been disabled. The activation switch is on Flight Deck 1, an upper control room you can see when you enter the area.

2: First head up the open entrance and stairs to the flight decks. Down the stairs is the barracks with several UNATCO guards. When you get to the top, head leaft to Flight Deck 2, which is unlocked. There's a security computer terminal on the wall that disables all cameras (recommended) and can turn the turrets to enemies (if you can hack well enough), and a datacube that tells you that Tech Sgt. McKinney has the key to the flight control (ala Flight Deck 1). That's in the barracks. First though, some exploration and somewhat necessary disablements.

3: As soon as Jock gets his weapon systems unlocked and blows a hole through the exit doors, two giant security robots will enter the arena and start firing at you. They're not extremely tough to avoid but you'll likely take some damage, so if you've got a couple EMP's we can first disable them to make your escape smoother.

4: In Flight Deck 2, there's a grate under the desk. Open and enter it, and hop onto the first opening (of two) that you'll see, one on top of the other. Continue down the shaft and you'll meet up with the first robot. Throw an EMP into the small room and he'll be disabled. Exit back up and head downstairs again to the chopper.

5: Near the chopper is another grate (where it says Danger). Open and enter. Stay left and enter the first branching shaft on your left for the munitions bay with some equipment and a datacube that holds the gas code 99871. If you exit the way you came and take a left (to continue how you were before the munitions bay) and take the first right, you'll find the gas chamber. You can release toxic gas into the level by using the keypad on the wall and entering 99871. This will kill several guards in the barracks if you wish. If not, you can take them out the normal way or sneak by them.

6: If you choose for the gas, run back up through the vents the way you came, and take another right, which will lead you out near the helicopter and safe from the gas that's rapidly filling the area. Once that's completed, or if you want to do it the old fashion way, using the same vent tunnel, take the first right we skipped on the way to the munitions bay, and through a grate, you'll drop into the locker rooms of the barracks.

7: Take care of the guards or sneak around them, your choice, but you'll want to head up the small stairs just outside the locker room to your left, to where the bunk beds are. There are 4 lockers along the back wall. The locked third has the nanokey to the Flight Deck 1 door, and a datacube with the elevator code 989.

8: Near the small stairway up to this sleeping area is another grate. Take it, and stay to the left. Climb a small ladder and take the shaft to the other security robot. Toss another EMP grenade in there to disable it, and take the ladder down. Open the grate nearby and drop on to the stairwell. Take them up to Flight Deck 1 and unlock the weapon systems for Jock using the big button on the console.

9: Return to the chopper and Jock will throw two missles at the blast doors, which will explode in a shower of debris and leave behind an electrical field you'll need to pass through. You can bypass the field using the electronic panel, but I'd recommend just crouching, turning on your speed and slipping through, likely with minimal to no damage. Head down the elevator to the Wan Chai market district of Hong Kong, complete with appropriate theme music and bad accents (the voice acting on this level is the worst in the game... which I think is well above average overall). Welcome to a very large yet negotiable level!

10: I'd advise taking a look and stroll around the level, backtracking back to the market if you come across any loading zones, just to learn your way around and explore. However, I'll give you directions that will be easy to understand, so don't fret the apparent (and sometimes actual) chaotic nature of Hong Kong. It's a fun level.

11: Your immediate goal is to find Tracer Tong. Your objectives state that you should look for clues in the compound Paul used to visit east of the market. Good tip. First, let's open the locked door right in front of the entrance next to the police station. Inside you'll find some crates, and behind those, a keypad on the wall near the ground. It's only two numbers, so to save you the trouble of going through all combinations, it's 22. Inside you'll find a nice stash of supplies and a cube with the code 911 for the police station. Appropriate.

12: It's futile to enter the Police Station now, as you won't have the code you need to get into their vault until later. Head North and you'll find a newspaper seller at the end with a datacube on the table that gives you a very difficult to read map of Hong Kong. After spending some minutes on it, I can sort of understand it, but it't not well laid out and I'd look at it only for the points of interest, most of which you'll be visiting. You can talk to the lady there for some info about the factions.

13: Head east of the market to a red long wall, then south. Follow the wall around back east and you'll meet the triad leader, Gordon Quick, standing next to the door in white. Talk to him, and you'll learn that Paul was trusted with the Triads... but you'll have to earn it. He gives you an assignment to find the Dragon Sword and see if the actress Maggie Chow was telling the truth. She lives in the luxury towers on Tonnochi Road, but we'll go a few other places first for skill points, supplies and a handy repair bot.

14: Further to the east of the triad compound is Canal Road. Take the stairs to a tunnel below, and head left. At the end is a police barracade, which if you explore next to the trucks, you'll get 50 skill points. Head back to the market and north to the Lucky Money Club signs, just north of the newspaper stand. Take left toward Tonnochi Road, but don't follow the next sign left (south). Instead head to the right (north) and the game will load. Take the next right (east), and follow the path to the end where a set of stairs leading down is. You'll notice a barge resting on the water beneath you.

15: Take the stairs down, and hang a left. Exit out onto a small path to the barge and climb onboard using the plank. Talk to the woman on top for weapon mods. Below, break the eastern box and pull the red paper lantern for a secret entrance to a repair bot and lockbox with some credits. Time to go see Maggie Chow and get the sword, the best melee weapon in the game.

16: Head back the way you came, up the stairs to the right, and take the first left back toward Tonnochi Road. Continue following the road to the broken bridge with two guards beyond and a big Tonnochi Road sign. Enter the stairs to Tonnochi Road, at which point you'll be greeted by a Luminous Path member who is no friend of Chow, and suggests that you not be fooled by her lies. Wise words actually.

17: Chow's penthouse is just up the road to the left, inside the luxury towers. Head through the main entrance, head to the right and into the waiting room. Hack the security computer terminal on the wall to disable the cameras, and open the back entrance if you want, a way up to the roof, but one that doesn't allow for a peaceful entrance into Chow's penthouse.

18: In the back of the main lobby are the elevators and an access terminal. Read the renovations page on the terminal to learn the elevator code 3444. Take the nearby elevator using that code, and you'll discover another entrance into her penthouse. There's a junkie up there and a datacube with the elevator bypass code 1709, as well as the access codes "queenstower" and pass "security". If you want at least a cordial first meeting with Chow, head back down and up the public elevator to her penthouse.

19: A maid will greet you on arrival, and bid you follow her to Maggie. I suggest you walk, not run, as the guards nearby (off screen though) can sometimes hear you and will attack. When you get to Maggie, she'll try and convince you she's telling the truth and to find evidence of that in the police station, giving you the code to their vault. As it happens, it actually incriminates her when you go there, and on any subsequent arrival here, you will be treated as an enemy. But for now, after the conversation you'll have a little bit of freedom to walk around unmolested... except by her maid, who follows you.

20: Take the nearby stairway and have the maid follow you into a room. Prod her to knock her out, and you won't alert anyone. The room on the far right has a datacube and two books on the table. The cube says that her pass has been changed, and is no longer Tai-Fun. The two books are Tai-Fun and Insurgent. That's her new password. Use the security computer terminal on the desk, enter the login and pass "mchow" and "insurgent" to disable all cameras and unlock and open the door we're going into next.

21: Head back downstairs and follow the hallway around to the right, where a door will now be open. If it's not, use the paper lantern at the end to discover the secret facility. There are guards beyond to the right but you can easily sneak past them all into the room with the sword. Once there, use the computer with "mchow" and "insurgent" login and pass to open the case for the sword. It takes up 5 horizontal inventory slots, in case you try and pick it up and can't. Pick it up, sneak back out, and down the elevator. Head back to the Lucky Money Club just north of the Market. We're going to find Max Chen.

22: As you head down the stairs, the first half-floor you come to has a large Versalife door and keypad. We'll be coming back to this later. Continue down the stairs and through the small mall area to the club. You can get in a number of ways, but the easiest is to pay the front desk girl 25 creds. Once inside, talk to the couple of businessmen walking around, then head upstairs to the bar.

23: If you talk to the bartender about Chen, say Maggie Chow sent you and hell point you to the corridor behind the bar. Otherwise, just enter yourself. You'll head downstairs supply room with two doors, one on the far right that's locked. It may have some useful ammo for you but if you're conserving, I usually skip it due to being maxed out on several ammo types by this time. Take the unlocked door and you'll emerge into the conference room of the Red Arrows. You can use the security computer terminal on the table to open a small safe behind the front window (that you access upstairs via another hallway). Head through the wooden doors to a very pleasant room with Chen at his desk on the other side. Speak with him.

24: You'll explain Maggie's connection with the Majestic 12 and show the sword as evidence of her betrayal. Max will call a temporary truce, and at the end of the conversation, MJ12 commandos will rush in and attack the club. Allow Chen and guards to take care of them... for they are pretty tough to beat without good sniping and/or brute force tactics. There may be one or two roaming around after the smoke's settled, either upstairs or outside. If so, you'll have to either run or take care of it.

25: Exit the club and go back to the triad compound where Gordon Quick stands guard... to the east of the market. He'll allow you to enter.