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Hong Kong 2
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1: You've taken the Dragon Sword, and have talked to Max Chen of the Red Arrow faction. We're about to meet Tracer Tong. If you've been following the walkthrough, you're at Gordon Quick now with the sword, who will give you the code to get into the Triad compound through the door he's at, 1997. Enter and go up the stairs at the end. Head down the stairs and through the door to a long corridor, and then through another door to a large room. At one end of the room is a security keypad near a painting. Enter the 1997 code and proceed below.

2: Tracer Tong is in the room below. He'll tell you he can possibly deactivate your killswitch, and tell you to go downstairs to be scanned. Jock's apartment nanokey is on the table in case you want to head to Tonnochi Road at some point and find it. There are some fun secrets there for those not afraid of heights.

3: Head down the corridor to the t-junction. Going right will get you to a supply room and beyond, a repair bot. Left is another slope downward. Halfway down to the left is the medical room with medbot, and beyond that, Alex's new computer room. Meet with him and he'll mention Daedalus is a scrapped AI project called Echelon IV. If you had Jaime meet you in Hong Kong, it will be here and you'll get an upgrade. Proceed downstairs and stand in the center of the device.

4: After the scan, you are a free man. No more killswitch! Head back up to Tong to get a new mission with Versalife (because you owe him), and a new computer account: JCDenton/Sanctuary. He gives you the Versalife entrance code, 06288, and after a short scuba diving stint, that's your next destination.

5: First, since we have the Dragon Sword and you'll probably want an Augmentation Upgrade, proceed to the south of the Triad compound, still east of the market, to the stairway with the Old China Hand bar sign on it. Take the entrance, and after the area loads, head left and follow the path around to the bar.

6: Inside a man will mistake you for Paul. Talk to him several times and you can buy supplies from him. Enter the kitchen through the doorway, and then through another door into the freezer area, where you'll lose you'll slid after each step. Climb the crates, hop onto the top of the meat girders, and carefully make your way to one of the grates along one end of the room. Proceed through the shaft across a canal and eventually to a hole with water. Switch on your aqualung, your speed if you need it, and get ready to use a rebreather if you're carrying one of those as well.

7: Have your Dragon Sword ready and drop down the shaft. Slice open the box below if you need a rebreather. It can be kind of difficult to snatch them off the floor once they fall but it's possible to take one. Alternately, you could have explored the canal nearby and found this box via an underwater duct for easy access prior to coming here. But chances are you can survive without one. Head out onto the underwater highway and left. You'll be tracked and attacked by some baby Karkians when you emerge from the water, so take them down with your sword. They bite hard. Then you're home free to continue back, hop onto the wreckage and search the dead doctor's body for a useful Augmentation Upgrade.

8: Head back to the Versalife Entrance, just down the Lucky Money Club stairway. Enter the code from Tracer Tong, 06288, and enter to see the receptionist. You'll be required to stay on the first three levels of Versalife, but of course we'll be going further. The easiest way is to hack any computer on any floor for a temporary security pass, 6512. Also, you can find and pay Mr. Hundley on the second floor or the stairs for the same code. Or you can talk to the nervous worker on level 3, who requires that you kill Mr. Hundley first. Knocking him out will do for the purpose but I'd recommend the hack.

9: Enter the code 6512 on the door behind the Nervious Worker in the level 3 office area (which you get to by climbing the stairs of course). Ride the elevator down to a large lobby where you'll see powerful patrols... who will leave you alone for now due to your pass. In front of you is a giant hand. On either side is a stairway up.

10: Take the left stairs first to a room with a datacube, nanokey to the Magnetic Augmentation Chamber (which we'll see in a bit) and security terminal. Hack the terminal to disable all cameras and unlock doors.

11: Take the right stairway to break rooms, bathrooms and small guard room. You'll want to take out the four or so guards here, including the ones in the guard room. You can use your prod or guns, your choice. Don't worry, the facility won't be on alert (including the commando downstairs) as long as you wait until any alarms are shut off and white coats stop running after the guards are taken out. In the guard room, you'll find a locked cabinet, and also in the break room. Break into both and read all datacubes. You'll be given two account codes: MJ12/security and a master password "damocles", as well as a magnetic test chamber code 5878. Head back downstairs after you're through and enter through the now open walkway in front of the giant hand.

12: Head down the corridor and you'll emerge into a large room with a large abstract structure with computer terminal in the center of the room. That's your main goal, as Tong informs you. However, since everyone should be non-hostile you at the moment, let's pick up some items. Head down the ramps toward the abstract structure, and into the corridor at the bottom. Continue straight to lead you to the research area, with labs below.

13: Go through the doors and down a set of stairs to the research area below, and explore until you come to the large magnetic augmentation chamber with THREE AUGMENTATION CANISTERS within: Spy Drone/Aggressive Defense, Cloak/Radar and Vision/Targeting. If you picked up the key from the left stairway by the giant hand before, it will unlock this door. But it's much easier to use the nearby computer terminal with the login "mchow" and "damocles"... then open the door, shut off the magnetic field and open all the canisters. There happens to be a medbot in the area who can install them, so choose wisely. I'd would definitely recommend the Cloak over the Radar... as it can be a great help with evasion, and you'll likely be testing it out real soon.

14: When you're done exploring, return to the abstract structure, take the small lift to the top and use the computer with the code "mchow" and "damocles". Upload the ROM, and be prepared for your escape, because the facility will be after you. Take the lift down, and while running back up the ramps to the corridor with the hand, use your Cloak Augmentation. It will take up huge amounts of bio energy but is worth it if you want to avoid fighting or using up your ammo. Exit the hand and make a dash for the elevator. Enter and you're safe for the time being.

15: Turn off the cloak, take the elevator to level 3, and take the stairs. Turn it back on as you approach the bottom floor and exit the building back to the market. You've been informed by Tong to meet at the temple. Go there now. It's just south of the Triad compound, east of the market. Talk to Max Chen and Gordon Quick, and then head back into the Triad compound and to Tracer Tong. He'll tell you to go back into Versalife, and somewhere in the level 2 labs, find information regarding thes structure of the virus. He gives you a code to a secret entrance within the Canal Road tunnel, 55655.

16: Head south to Canal Road, into the tunnel, head left and the crash scene from before will be cleared up. Enter the maintenance door using the code 55655. Enter the room and unlock the grate over the pipe. Fall down the pipe into the water and climb out using a low pipe crisscrossing on top of the water. Climb up to a large pipe and just before its end, squat down to find a datacube and the code, 768.

17: Head down the tunnel and you'll see a ladder and series of locked doors. The ladder leads to confrontation with an MJ12 commando, so use code 768 on the nearby keypad to lower all of the doors. Follow the newly opened tunnel to the end, hit the switch to lower the ramp for you, beware the camera ahead and ascend the stairway on either side. Stay crouched, and head to the back pedestal in the smallish room to find a security computer terminal. Hack it to turn off the cameras and close the ramp, giving you access below.

18: Head back down the stairs, and down the next set of stairs to a long corridor with a laser array blocking your path. You can bypass the laser using the electronic terminal nearby but I prefer to use my cloaking aug and run through, passing up the nearby robots... but not before I use my sniper on the commando at the very end, taking him out in one shot to the head. The alarm will go off and I wait for it to stop before I cloak on through. But it's possible to avoid him. Whichever way you choose, head to the end of the corridor where a scientist will be standing. Prod her and you'll find a hazmat suit (which I advise taking if you don't have one) as well as two bio cells.

19: The small room on the right side of the computer has a locked cabinet containing a datacube with the UC code 525 (which you already have from a transmission) and a hazmat suit. Hack the security computer terminal on the wall to disable the cameras, open the Nanotech Pods and Raise the Shutdown Console.

20: Use the computer where the scientist was using the "mchow" and "damocles" login, and upload the virus schematics and open the UC chamber. Walk around the corridor to the left until you find a ladder heading down, and take it to the platform below. Walk around to the central room but first look below. Maggie Chow is awaiting you, and you can take her out now with a good snipe or tranq dart, or wait until you get below when she'll attack.

21: In the room you'll see one Augmentation Upgrade and THREE AUGMENTATION CANISTERS for aqualung/environment, speed/run silent, and power recirc/synthetic heart (both very nice but I'd recommend power recirc to use less power). Exit from the room and head down the ladder to a medbot to install them. While you're using the bot, Maggie Chow, if you didn't yet kill her before, will possibly initiate conversation and then attack. When she's dead, head over to the small console with keypad on top, and enter the UC code 525. This will begin the shut down of the Gray Death virus. Congrats!

22: But now you're being attacked by small spiders. Use an EMP grenade to disable them, and you'll see four octagonal openings below. Don your Hazmat suit, jump through one and climb one of the ladders to the only pool that's not green. Dive in, activate the proper breathing accessory or aug (if possible) and equip your Dragon Sword. Follow the tunnel and you'll fight a baby karkian, which can be pretty tough without the sword. There's a swift current that will take you into a large room. Jump onto the pipes you were spit out from and onto the walkway. At the end, before the small vent you'll be crawling through are a Nanotech Containment lockdown key and multitool.

23: Follow the vent until you reach the canal, take a nearby ramp back up, and head back to the market. Go to the Lucky Money Club to the upstairs bar to have a few drinks with Mr. Chen and Mr. Quick (keep talking to them for a total of 4 fine wines), and then go back to the Luminous Path HQ to see Tong.

24: Paul is in the room, and you'll let him know what you've been doing. Tong in the next room informs you that a shipment of the Gray Death is on its way somewhere and gives you a contact in New York named Stanton Dowd.

25: Head back out to the courtyard of the compound to meet Jock, who will take you back to Hell's Kitchen. Yes, again but it's a short trip.