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Hell's Kitchen 1
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1: Paul gives you the low down and key to his apartment at the 'Ton Hotel soon after you enter the Hell's Kitchen subway area. Talk to the various subway-folk including a hooker to learn about the hostage situation in the 'Ton Hotel. Head on up and out of the subway.

Your primary mission is to find the NSF generator and shut it down. Secondary objectives include talking to the locals in the tavern and free clinic to find its possible whereabouts (JoJo's warehouse). You do not need to do any of the side quests but I list some of them below... fun to do as you're wandering around.

I'm going to give you an easy visual map of the place with each step, as walking around can be confusing until you know where things are. We'll use the subway stairs as our focal point, and draw out from there. You're looking straight ahead after emerging from the stairs.

2: To the right and behind the stairs is a basketball court where a bum is being harassed by two NSF thugs. Save the bum by intervening and prodding the thugs before they can kill the bum. He'll give you the password to the "mole" people... whom you'll meet in a couple missions.

3: Straight ahead all the way is a tunnel with a couple NSF guards. You aren't allowed yet to proceed past that point but you will in another mission. To this tunnel's left is another small tunnel where Sandra is being harassed by Johnny the pimp. Intervene by threatening Johnny and he'll scoot. Talk to Sandra twice and she'll tell you about ways into the boss JoJo's through Osgood's warehouse and give you the password to the smuggler's hideout, "bloodshot." As it happens, Sandra has a small storyline with her father, the keeper of the 'Ton Hotel. If you go back and forth between her (who will now be in the back of the Tavern) and her father, you'll eventually see its melodramatic conclusion.

4: Left and behind, and in view of the subway exit is the smuggler's entrance, down a set of stairs. After getting the password from Sandra above, "bloodshot," use it at the door, enter the lift, hit the switch and you'll be taken underground. You'll see a laser alarm ahead, and can bypass it with the electronic console inside the small room on the left side of the area. Head through the door, and another door to the right, and you'll enter into the smuggler's room. Talk to him about (high-priced for now) supplies and about rescuing his friend Ford Schick from a secret lab in the sewers, for which he'll give you a nanokey, but we'll get to that later. I'd suggest not buying anything from him, at least until you've rescued Schick. Upstairs you'll see a mirror. Throw a LAM grenade at the mirror to shatter it and find some useful supplies behind. Or use the electronic panel near the bed.

5: Straight ahead and almost to the tunnel on the left side is the glowing entrance to the tavern. Inside talk twice to Dan near the bar for the rooftop lift passcode, and the Pilot Guy, who you'll have to bribe with beer for information. Sandra (see above) is in the back sitting down, unless you haven't rescued her yet. You can talk to Janey who knows Sandra, and can tell you about #3. After rescuing Sandra, Janey can also tell you the warehouse rooftop code. The barkeep also has something to say. Exit back out the front for your skill bonus.

6: Left of the sub stairs all the way, and just before the corner is the front entrance to the 'Ton Hotel. If you pass the hotel, you'll see the NSF and UNATCO fighting a street war. Wait for UNATCO to win and you can loot the NSF bodies. Just to the right of the hotel entrance is an opening in a fence. In this alley, which leads all the way up to the tavern's back entrance, you'll find a fire escape ladder. Drag a metal crate to the base, and jump up to it. Climb it to Paul's apartment window and sneak in for a bonus. In paul's apartment, find the datacube on the table, open the painting, and use the code provided (4 backwards... which is '4321') to reveal a switch. Hit it and the bookshelf will swing open with a lot of nice supplies.

7: Still in Paul's Apartment, slowly approach the front door and open it. In the hallway, you'll find two NSF holding hostages. I found it easiest to tranqulize the first one in the head from just within the apartment, and then also the other as he comes around. You can also toss a gas grenade first and then use whatever method you want. Occasionally, if you use brute force and shoot at the first terrorist, the second one will shoot the male hostage... who can provide you with info. After you've freed them, talk to the male hostage for more information.

8: Before you head downstairs, there's a terrorist holding a hostage behind the front desk. Either sneak up on him and prod him, or use a gas grenade followed by whatever method you prefer. Inside you'll find Sandra's father who wants her back home. Exit outside the hotel.

9: Behind the 'Ton hotel, or using the sub stair focus point, straight all the way to the tunnel's entrance, and left all the way, you'll come across the free clinic. If you've come here first, you may notice a war going on in the street just beyond between the NSF and UNATCO. Wait it out and UNATCO will win. There's not much to do in the clinic other than talk to the people sitting in the chairs, and see the doctor at the back. The bum in a chair on the right side of the large inner room will tell you about the NSF and Osgood place... where you'll eventually have to go. The Doc in the back right will be talking to a patient. If you tell the patient the Doc was doing him a favor, the Doc will thank you and you can get a discount on the care plan, which allows you to use the medical facility on the left back side. Exit and you'll receive a skill bonus.

10: Just in front of the subway stairs and a little to the right is a manhole to the sewers. After talking with the smuggler (see #4), use your nanokey ring on the grate to enter. Use the electronic control panel to bypass the laser grid. Ahead at the corner you'll see a lockbox and another control panel. To the right will be a ladder. Don't bypass the laser on the ladder. Instead simply climb up to the small platform and wait for the alarm to stop. The turret cannot hurt you there.

11: On top of the platform is a solder with supplies and a datacube with access code for the opening near the lockbox, "2167." Jump over the laser at the top of the ladder, and open the lockbox. Use the code and proceed through the opening.

12: Proceed through the corridor to the door at the end by crouching under the lasers. Use the code "2167" again on the panel to open the door.

13: The next room has a security camera. Sneak under it, and then behind the nearby crate when it isn't looking. Crouch/push the crate forward and hack the computer terminal to disable all the cameras. Once that's done, climb up the ladder at the end of the walkway where you'll see a guard patrolling the left side of the circular room.

14: Sneak up and take out the guard as per usual, and continue to the door along the wall. Inside is another guard sitting down. Prod him in the legs, take the supplies and read the datacube, which gives the access codes MJ12 and "coupdetat". Head back out toward the ladder you ascended and find the computer terminal on the wall. Use the login codes from the datacube and rotate the bridge.

15: There's a guard on the bridge, so sneak up and take him out quietly, and walk to the other side. The corridor on the other side leads up to an alternate sewer entrance. Instead, walk left around to the ladder, climb down and beware a patrolling guard. When he's away, sneak up and prod him. Continue to the door and again enter the code "2167."

16: There's another guard inside, so sneak up on him, take him down, stay crouched and be quiet. On the wall is another computer terminal. Use the MJ12: coupdetat login to disable all the cameras and open the doors. Two guards patrol down the stairs below. You'll want to quietly take them out at opportune moments.

17: On the far right side of the giant room there are a couple doors. Guards are inside and you can ignore them. Along the far right of the front wall there's a door leading to metal planks on top of greenish water. Search the water for supplies and enter the door inside to reach Schick. Tell him to escape, and then go back to the main room, but this time to the left door. It's a small armory.

18: Make your way back out via the corridor on the other side of the bridge, and back to the smuggler, who will give you a discount on his items. Now it's time for the primary mission, finding the NSF generator.