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Area Note

When you reach Yulash, you can try to sneak around the town, but it's easier to just "ask permission" to enter. Besides, the Red Plumes are the soldiers from Hillsfar, and they're fighting the Zhentrim (who you need to fight to remove one of your bonds), and so it makes sense to ally with them anyway.

When you're left in the commander's waiting courtyard (#1), just move towards any of the exits, and Zhentrim spies will burst out of the commander's office. You don't have to do anything with the spies, but if you do attack them then the commander will like you better. Plus, you'll find lots of low-level magical equipment on their bodies (like broad swords +1 and banded mail +1), and you'll receive over 35,000 experience for the battle.

When the commander talks to you, he'll decide if he likes you or not. Defeating the spies is good. Having a Swanmay in your group is good. Speaking "nice" to him is good. It's pretty likely that the commander will approve of you and give you permission to wander around the city (journal entry 22). If he doesn't approve of you, then you'll have to fight all the Red Plumes you come across.

Note: The Red Plumes won't allow you to rest in the streets of the city. If you want to rest, the safest place to go is the barracks (#4). You might also be able to sleep in enclosed areas.

Another Note: You'll randomly encounter renegade Red Plumes, Zhentrim raiders, and looters while in the city. Sometimes your bonds will force you to fight the looters, and other times you'll be able to talk to them and learn about the city (journal entry 34). Looters might also rob you when they leave.

1 - Courtyard

2 - Starting Point

After dealing with the commander of the Red Plumes, this is where you'll start in the city.

3 - Mess Hall

If you pay a platinum piece, you'll overhear tavern tale 52.

4 - Barracks

You can rest here.

5 - Red Plume Checkpoint

6 - Destroyed Checkpoint

7 - Zhentrim Battle

You'll have to face a dozen or s Zhentrim fighters, magic users, and clerics.

8 - Weak Wall / Pit

You can take damage the first time you walk through here, but it's possible one of your characters will recognize the danger and lead you through it.

9 - Shambling Mounds

You'll see some shambling mounds here, trying to drag away the body of a cleric. You'll have to fight 4-6 mounds, but if you can defeat them then you'll find a wand of defoliation on the cleric. As you might expect, the wand is very effective against shambling mounds, and it lasts a long time.

  1. Gate to the Wilderness.
  2. Entrance to the Pit of Moander. This is a one-way exit, so be prepared.