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Most treasures you find in the game are random. We've attempted to differentiate between random and fixed treasures here (with only fixed treasures being listed), but it's possible that the treasures you find won't be identical to the treasures we've listed.

On this page you'll find all of the fixed pieces of armor in the game, along with precise locations you can reference in our Curse of the Azure Bonds walkthrough:

Banded Mail +1
Found: Tilverton (#15)

Bracers of AC 2
Found: Wizard's Tower (#12)

Bracers of AC 4
Found: Tilverton Sewers (#8)

Cloak of Displacement
Found: Pit of Moander (#9)

Elfin Chain Mail
Found: Fire Knives Hideout (#8)

Padded Armor +1
Found: Fire Knives Hideout (#8)

Plate Mail +1
Found: Oxam's Tower (#2)

Plate Mail +2
Found: Oxam's Tower (#4), Zhentil Keep (#16)

Plate Mail +3
Found: Pit of Moander (#9), Wizard's Tower (#2)

Ring of Protection +2
Found: Burial Glen (#13)

Ring of Protection +3
Found: Wizard's Tower (#12)

Shield +2
Found: Pit of Moander (#9), Wizard's Tower (#2)