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Miscellaneous Items
Most treasures you find in the game are random. We've attempted to differentiate between random and fixed treasures here (with only fixed treasures being listed), but it's possible that the treasures you find won't be identical to the treasures we've listed.

On this page you'll find all of the fixed miscellaneous objects in the game, along with precise locations you can reference in our Curse of the Azure Bonds walkthrough:

Gauntlets of Dexterity
Effect: +1 dexterity
Found: Hap (#12), Ruins of Myth Drannor (#8)

Girdle of the Dwarves
Effect: +1 constitution
Found: Tilverton Sewers (#8)

Girdle of Giant Strength
Effect: sets strength to 24
Found: Ruins of Myth Drannor (#8)

Gloves of Thievery
Found: Pit of Moander (#10)

Ioun Stone Deep Red
Effect: +1 dexterity
Found: Tilverton (#15)

Ioun Stone Incandescent Blue
Effect: +1 wisdom
Found: Pit of Moander (#9)

Ioun Stone Pink and Green
Effect: +1 charisma
Found: Tilverton Sewers (#8)

Ioun Stone Scarlet and Blue
Effect: +1 intelligence
Found: Wizard's Tower (#12)

Ring of Invisibility
Found: Burial Glen (#13)

Ring of Wizardry
Effect: doubles level 1-3 magic user spells
Found: Wizard's Tower (#12)

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