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Curse of the Azure Bonds

Welcome to our Curse of the Azure Bonds subsite! Due to the age of this game, we will not be providing any daily news. However, we still have plenty in store for you, all of which can be found on the navigation bar to the left. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

Curse of the Azure Bonds Walkthrough

From Tilverton to Myth Drannor, we provide you with everything you need to know to remove each of those cursed azure bonds. With annotated maps and detailed descriptions for all required and some optional areas, this should be your first stop if you're stuck or if you want to make sure you've experienced all the game has to offer.

Armor, Weapons, and Miscellaneous Items

Every single magic item in the game revealed, along with specific locations on where to find each one.


A handful of NPC adventurers will join your party during the game, and we bring you details on all of them.


Statistics and images of every creature you'll face during your travels in the game.


Descriptions of all Cleric, Magic User, and Druid spells available in the game.

Classes, Races, and Attributes

Everything you need to know to create your party of adventurers.


Check out our downloads section to find links to DOSBox and the Home of the Underdogs' Curse of the Azure Bonds page.


No site on GameBanshee would be complete without an assortment of images showing off what the game has to offer.

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