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Tilverton Sewers

Area Note

As you make your way through the sewers, you'll encounter many random things. Most of the things will be dead bodies or the sounds of people moving around in the sewers, but you might also find bits of trolls (if you watch them then they'll regenerate and you'll have to fight them) or a piece of paper (journal entry 41).

1 - Checkpoint

If you surrender to the Fire Knives here, then they'll take 75% of your money and jewels and allow you to move along. If you decline their invitation, then you'll have to fight them.

2 - Swatch of Cloth

If you have a thief in your party, then the thief can climb up and retrieve the cloth. You'll recognize it as coming from the woman (Princess Nacacia) who was kidnapped in the tavern.

3 - Otyughs

You'll face five otyugh here. They won't drop anything when they die, but you'll be able to use their room to safely rest in.

4 - Otyugh Lair

"Piles of excrement have been shaped into pyramids here. Many otyugh are smoothing the sides and making artistic embellishments."

You'll see the glint of something metal in the excrement. If you "attack" the otyugh to get it, then you'll have to fight a whole mess of otyugh, including some nasty neo-otyugh. A better approach is to "bargain" with the otyugh. Then they'll ask you to retrieve for them "two fine smelling piles of food" from the otyugh to the south (#5).

Once you've acquired the food and brought it back to the otyugh, they'll give you the metal -- a "glittering piece of jewelry, ornately sculpted in the in the symbol of the Zhentrim" -- plus some gems and jewelry. You'll also receive about 5650 total experience.

5 - Otyugh with "Food"

You'll face four regular otyugh and one neo-otyugh here. They won't drop anything when they die, but you'll be able to grab the piles of "food" for the other otyugh after the battle is over. You'll also be able to rest here safely.

6 - Symbol of Moander

Burnt into the wall here you'll find the symbol of Moander.

7 - Trolls and Crocodiles

This battle can be pretty tough if you don't have a magic user with the "fireball" spell yet. You can try to get by with some judicious use of the "stinking cloud" spell instead, but you might want to skip these battles for a time and visit the secret training hall (#9) first.

Once you've defeated the trolls and crocodiles, you'll be able to rest here safely.

8 - Trolls

The trolls here will be surprised that you're not somebody named Bonegrinder, and then they'll attack. When they're dead you'll find bracers of AC 4, a girdle of the dwarves, a pink and green ioun stone, a flail +1, and a staff sling +1.

Once you've defeated the trolls, you'll be able to rest here safely.

9 - Secret Training Hall

The training hall includes both rooms to the south.

10 - Former Checkpoint

When you arrive at the checkpoint, you'll find that the Fire Knives here have been slaughtered, and then a man wearing the livery of the Knights of Myth Drannor will approach you. If you tell him you're aligned with "Princess Nacacia" or "no one" then he'll let you pass and tell you to watch out for Gharri of Gond, who is trying to rescue the princess. If you say you're with the "Fire Knives" then you'll be able to attack the knight, but he's not carrying anything interesting.

  1. Passage back to the Thieves' Guild.
  2. Sewer Passage.
  3. Sewer Passage.
  4. Sewer Passage.
  5. Passage to the Fire Knives Hideout.