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Teshwave Ruins

Area Note

In this area you'll have random encounters with phase spiders, margoyles, hell hounds, and more. You might also come across some pirates looking for buried treasure. The buried treasure event requires three random encounters in total: one where you find a note, one where you defeat some pirates to pick up a treasure map, and then the one where you find the treasure. The treasure is random, and the encounters can happen anywhere in the ruins. You don't have to stray far from the exit if you don't want to.

1 - One-way Teleporter

This teleporter was either intended as a trap -- it leads to an infinite loop of empty rooms -- or else it is a programming error. Either way, there isn't much reason to visit it.

Note: If you enter the trap rooms, remember that you if you "look" there's a good chance you'll find an exit.

  1. Gate to the Wilderness. You can also leave the ruins by "looking" in just about any location, although finding an exit here isn't as likely as in some of the other ruins.