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Grand Ruined Temple

Area Note

You won't be able to rest in the temple. Your bonds won't allow you. So try to avoid as many battles as possible on your way to Tyranthraxus. (Save and load to avoid random battles if you need to.)

1 - Foyer

If you came in through the front doors, this is where you'll start in the area. If you came in through the sewers (#3), then you'll still need to enter this room to trigger the scene described below (otherwise the door at #9 won't unlock).

When you enter the room, Tyranthraxus will appear before you, and he'll use your bonds to force you to move to the altar in the chapel (#2), where he'll make a speech (journal entry #48). Nameless will rescue you from your certain doom, but Tyranthraxus will get away, and some of Tyranthraxus' minions will rush to attack you.

Note: The door here can't be opened.

2 - Chapel Altar

3 - Sewers Starting Point

If you entered the temple through the sewers, this is where you'll start out.

4 - Elegant Bedroom

If you loot the room, you'll gain lots of experience and find lots of money. Of course, neither one will help you out any more.

5 - Priests of Bane

6 - Margoyles

7 - Hell Hounds

8 - Library

If you "search" here you can find a single piece of electrum!

9 - Locked Door

You'll only be able to go through this door after encountering Tyranthraxus at #1.

10 - Tyranthraxus

This is the final battle of the game. You'll face Tyranthraxus (who has a nasty "lightning bolt" attack) plus a whole horde of margoyles and high priests. Obviously, buff up your characters before entering the room, and then let loose with a couple of "fireball" spells to create a path to Tyranthraxus. With "enlarge" and "haste," your melee fighters should be able to cut down Tyranthraxus pretty quickly, and then mop up the rest of the enemies with ease.

Once the battle is over, your last bond will disappear, and the game will end.

  1. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.