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Ruins of Myth Drannor

Area Note

This is the last area where you'll face rakshasas, so if you have blessed quarrels remaining from the Burial Glen, feel free to use them all up here. The battle at #10 is a good place to use them.

Important Note: When you enter the Grand Ruined Temple, you won't be able to get back out, and you won't be able to rest inside. So do everything you need to do before going in.

1 - Starting Points

If you take the "woods" to the ruins, you'll start at the northern position. If you take the "path" to the ruins, you'll start at the southern position.

2 - Tirsheya

Tirsheya is a rakshasa with "matted fur and a dour expression." He'll make you an offer to get into Birsheya's storehouse (#4), which you'll record in your journal (journal entry 5). If you accept his offer, then he'll lead you to #3.

3 - Storehouse Guards

You'll find an assortment of margoyles and hell hounds here.

If you came here with Tirsheya (#2), then after facing the regular storehouse guards, Beyrha and other rakshasas will arrive and demand Tirsheya's head. If you side with Tirsheya, then he will help you in the battle.

4 - Birsheya's Storehouse

If you "search" inside the storehouse, you'll find a random treasure. It doesn't seem to matter whether you sided with Tirsheya (#2) or not.

5 - Man

You'll see a man here being chased by hell hounds. If you attempt to "rescue" him, then you'll have to face a bunch of hell hounds, but the man will tell you about a hidden treasure in a northeastern building before he dies. The treasure can be found at #8.

6 - Dense Brush

When you approach the brush, you'll see a "small child or hobbit" race into it, chased by a hell hound. If you go to the rescue, you'll learn that it's yet another rakshasa trap, and you'll be ambushed by the rakshasa plus several hell hounds and margoyles.

7 - Nameless

Nameless will tell you, "This direct approach is dangerous, but the temple is to the north. Now get on with it!"

8 - Treasure Cache

If you attempted to rescue the man at #5, then you'll find his treasure cache here, provided you "search" for it. You'll find three items: a long sword +5, a girdle of giant strength (which sets strength to 24), and gauntlets of dexterity (+1 dexterity).

9 - Margoyles

When you approach the doorway here, you'll see two margoyles torturing a "small animal." If you attack them, then you'll kill them outright, but the doorway will collapse on you (causing damage to your party) and a rakshasa will appear and begin looking over your bodies. If you "play dead," then you'll be able to surprise and attack the rakshasa. Otherwise, he'll run away.

10 - Gambling House

If you don't "flee," then you'll have to face several rakshasas and margolyes here, but you'll find a random reward when you've killed them. If you do "flee," then you'll avoid the fight, but the gambling house will be empty when you return.

11 - Rakshasa Leader

If you "parlay" with the leader and choose "haughty," then he'll agree to help you in your fight against Tyranthraxus (journal entry 57). Our understanding is that this help means you'll face fewer enemies in the final battle. If you make any other response to the leader, then you'll have to fight him and his entourage, which includes several other rakshasas plus hell hounds and margoyles.

  1. Gate to the Burial Glen.
  2. Gate to the Grand Ruined Temple.
  3. Sewer entrance into the Grand Ruined Temple.