Mine Level 9

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You won't be able to access Mine Level 9 at the start of the game. If you try to reach it using the wheel lift (Exit A), then you'll learn that an "impenetrable wall" blocks your path. To get past the wall, you'll need to go to Mine Level 8 and use the malfunctioning teleporter that you'll find there. It will take you to the northern part of this level (#1), and from there you'll be able to head south and destroy the item maintaining the wall (#2). Everything else in this area is optional.

1 - Starting Point

This is where you'll get deposited by the malfunctioning teleporter from Mine Level 8. The teleporter will slam you into the wall here, causing about 30 points of damage, and then ten Umber Hulks will attack you.

2 - Monster Guards

At this spot you'll encounter five Margoyles and five Gargoyles. After defeating them, you'll discover and destroy the "magical item" that had been preventing you from reaching this mine level from the wheel lift (Exit A).

3 - More Monster Guards

At these spots you'll encounter Margoyles, Gargoyles and a Basilisk.

4 - Umber Hulks

At these places you'll get attacked by Umber Hulks. They'll drop a random item or two when they die.

5 - Bag of Gems

At these places you'll find a bag of gems on the floor. Each bag will net you over 100 gems.

6 - Tainted Air

When you enter one of these locations, your party will take about 20 points of damage. If you have a Cute Yellow Canary with you (available for sale in New Verdigris), then you'll get a notice that it has died, and you'll be allowed to retreat before taking damage. But there isn't any way to avoid taking damage if you want to cross through the tainted air.

7 - Freshly Dug Area

If you dig in this place, then you'll find a few gems. If you have a dwarf in your party, then you'll find twice as many gems.

  1. Wheel lift. The wheel lift will allow you to visit any of the mine's ten other levels or return to the Ruins.