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Note: The Ruins map is too large to fit well in the space above. If you'd like to see an "unbroken" version of the map, then click here.

The Ruins area is large and filled with random encounters. It's a good place to go when you're first starting out, as its battles are the easiest in the game (but note that these battles get tougher the farther away you get from New Verdigris, and you'll eventually encounter Red Dragons). After clearing out the Well of Knowledge (Exit F), you'll be tasked with acquiring the Amulet of Eldamar, which you'll find on an Ancient Dragon (at Exit C). After that you'll need to head to the mine entrance (Exit G), which will take you to the Temple Level of the mine. Along the way, you might want to clear out the Black Circle Headquarters (Exit H), which will put a dent in the Black Circle's operations.

1 - Abandoned Mineshaft

You won't be able to do anything here.

2 - Unstable Construction

These two parts of the Ruins are unstable, and it's possible that you'll take some damage from falling rocks as you make your way through them.

3 - Dusty Bier

If you search this room then you'll find some treasure -- a Dagger +2, Leather Armor +5, a Scroll of Protection from Dragon Breath, and 2 pieces of jewelry -- but you'll get attacked by a group of Rogues, Swashbucklers, Banite Clerics and Banite Priests.

4 - Banite Patrol

Somewhere around here you'll run into a Banite patrol. They'll shout out Journal Entry 31, and then they'll attack. You'll have to defeat some Ogres, Banite Clerics, and Swashbucklers in the encounter, but you should find some random magical equipment at the end.

5 - Phlan Clerk

If you met the Phlan clerk in the Black Circle Headquarters, then you'll find her here being dragged off by Black Circle forces -- probably to be sacrificed. If you rescue the clerk from her captors, then she'll set off for home, but you won't get a reward.

"That's it! I've had just about enough of heroes and adventuring! I'm going back to Phlan!"

  1. Exit to New Verdigris.

  2. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (1,14). To use the portal, you'll need to do two things: defeat the Red Dragon and Hill Giants guarding it, and also clear out the Well of Knowledge. When fighting the portal guardians, try to kill the dragon quickly before it can breathe on you. The guardians will drop a Flail +2, a Ring of Protection +2, a Shield +2, a Wand of Fireballs, 3000 platinum, 20 gems, and 2 pieces of jewelry.

  3. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (1,7). To use the portal, you'll need to do two things: defeat the Ancient Dragon guarding it and also clear out the Well of Knowledge. When fighting the dragon, be wary of its breath. Put your melee fighters one on each side, and keep your spellcasters far enough away so they can cast spells at the dragon without being hit in return. When the dragon dies you'll find a Cloak of Displacement, a Long Sword +2, Plate Mail +2, a Ring of Invisibility, 2000 platinum, 40 gems, and 3 pieces of jewelry. You'll also find the Amulet of Eldamar (a quest item that won't show up in your inventory).

  4. Connection between the eastern and western sides of the Ruins.

  5. Entrance to the Western Crevasses. This exit will start out blocked by ice. You'll only be able to use it after going through it from the other side (that is, after reaching the Western Crevasses via the mine and the dungeon).

  6. Entrance to the Well of Knowledge.

  7. Entrance to the mine. The first time you visit the entrance, you'll have to defeat a small force of Black Circle soldiers. Then as long as the Black Circle Headquarters (Exit H) is functional, the Black Circle will regularly replenish and increase the size of their holding force, and you'll have to keep fighting them in order to enter the mine. The mine entrance will always take you to the Temple Level of the mine, but from there you'll be able to access any of the mine's other ten levels.

  8. Main entrance to the Black Circle Headquarters.

  9. Back exit from the Black Circle Headquarters. You won't be allowed to use this entrance until you've defeated the Black Circle.