Temple of Tyr

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When you enter the mine from the Ruins, you'll be taken to the Temple Level (Exit A). This is a hint that you should explore the Temple of Tyr first and talk to Derf Strongman (#11) before continuing down into the rest of the mine. Derf will tell you the history of Eldamar and Oswulf, two brothers who took different paths. Eldamar became a lich known as the Dreadlord, and Oswulf formed a group called the Silver Blades to stop him. Oswulf and the Silver Blades failed in their task, but allied mages were able to freeze the Dreadlord's castle and prevent him from acting -- at least until the Black Circle showed up and starting interfering.

Derf will want you to take up Oswulf's task and defeat the Dreadlord, but first he'll have a test for you to see if you're worthy of joining the Silver Blades. He'll ask you to retrieve the eight pieces of the Staff of Oswulf, which can be found in the first eight levels of the mine. To help you out, he'll give you a Ring of Tyr (a quest object that won't show up in your inventory), which will glow when you're near a staff piece.

When you return to Derf after completing your task, he'll assemble the staff, and he'll let you know that you'll need it to get by the spirit of Oswulf (who you'll meet in the Eastern Crevasses). Derf will then announce that you're a Silver Blade, and he'll order you to track down and defeat the Dreadlord. To reach the Dreadlord, you'll have to return to the mine and make your way down to Mine Level B, where you'll find the entrance to the dungeon.

Note: If Vala is with you when you return to Derf, then the pair will happily greet each other, and you'll record this reunion in Journal Entry 50.

Another Note: Any time you return to Derf from this point forward, he'll heal your party.

1 - Black Circle Guards

At this spot you'll have to defeat eight Minotaurs and eight Displacer Beasts.

2 - Acolyte's Room

When you enter this room you'll discover 20 gems and one piece of jewelry.

3 - Acolyte's Room

In this room you'll find a requisition form for the Silver Blades.

4 - Acolyte's Room

This room has a secret door on the northern wall.

5 - Priest's Room

In this room you'll find a piece of paper, which you'll record as Journal Entry 65.

6 - One-Way Door

This door will only allow you to travel from west to east. When you approach the door, you'll notice that it has a peephole. If you look through it, then you'll see that a patrol of Minotaurs has followed you into the temple and is waiting for you in the room to the east. When you confront the patrol, you'll have to battle 10 Minotaurs.

7 - Secret Door

If you look or search at this spot, then you'll discover a secret door to the south.

8 - Treasury

In this room you'll find 200 gems and 50 pieces of jewelry.

9 - Glowing Wall / Secret Door

When you arrive at this spot you'll notice that the eastern wall is glowing. That's because the eastern wall is really a secret door.

10 - Secret Armory

In this secret room you'll find a Battle Axe +2, Bracers of AC 4, Chain Mail +3, a Dagger +3, a Dart of the Hornet's Nest, a Hand Axe +2, a Morning Star +2, two Potions of Extra Healing, a Potion of Invisibility, and two Shields +3.

11 - Derf Strongarm

  1. Wheel lift. The wheel lift will allow you to visit any of the mine's ten other levels or return to the Ruins.
  2. Doorway between the Temple Level and the Temple of Tyr.
  3. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (3,3).