Frost Giant Village

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All you'll need to do in the Frost Giant Village is make your way from one side (Exit A) to the other (Exit B) so you can access the Eastern Crevasses. But while you're there, you might want to fight some Ancient White Dragons (#6 and #7) and meet the Frost Giant King (#11 and #12) so you can pick up some good loot.

1 - Frost Giants

At most of these places, you'll get attacked by Frost Giants, possibly with Mastodons in tow.

2 - Vulnerable Spot

At these three places (#2) you'll get hit by ice boulders thrown by nearby Frost Giants (#2a). The only way to stop the attacks is to kill the giants.

3 - Barricaded Doors

For a few of the doors in the village, you'll have to bash them open. But for these doors, while you're bashing them, you'll get pelted by ice boulders, just like at the nearby vulnerable spots (#2).

4 - White Dragon Residence

In this room you'll face ten White Dragons.

5 - Worg Kennel

In this room you'll face 25 Worgs and one Frost Giant.

6 - Ancient White Dragon Residence

In this room you'll face five Ancient Dragons (White).

7 - Ancient White Dragon Treasure Room

This room is your reward for defeating the Ancient White Dragons (#6). Inside you'll find six random items, 67 gems, and 15 pieces of jewelry.

8 - Frost Giant Residences

You'll meet women and children in one of these residences. If you talk to them, then they'll offer to escort you to the king (#11) so you can resolve the fighting.

9 - Remorhaz Pen

When you enter this pen, you'll get attacked by 10 Remorhaz (yes, the plural is the same as the singular). Remorhaz can kill a character in one hit, so try to take them out as quickly as possible.

10 - Mastondon Pen

Inside this pen you'll get attacked by 20 Mastodons and one Frost Giant.

11 - Throne Room

When you enter the throne room, you'll meet the Frost Giant king, and you'll record his greeting as Journal Entry 15. You'll have two ways to respond to him:
  • If you talk to the king, then you can side with the Frost Giants against the Black Circle. The Black Circle will immediately charge into the room to break up the alliance, and you'll get attacked by nine Fire Giants followed by five Legionnaires and five Legion Wizards. Three Frost Giants will help you out in these battles. Afterwards, the king will decide that you're really a friend, and he'll reward you with a Dagger +3, a Long Sword +4, Plate Mail +4, three Potions of Extra Healing, a Shield +4, 483 gems, and 75 pieces of jewelry (the same reward as from the king's treasure room #12 but with more gems and jewelry).

    But note: with the Frost Giants on your side, you'll no longer be allowed to explore the Frost Giant Village. Instead, Frost Giants will immediately escort you to one of the two exits from the village (Exit A or B). So be sure to explore the parts of the village you're interested in before siding with the Frost Giants.

  • You can also attack the king. For this case you'll have to battle nine Frost Giants, and the Frost Giants in the village will stay hostile to you.

12 - King's Treasure Chamber

If you enter this secret room (which you can only do if you attack the Frost Giant king at #11), then you'll find Dagger +3, a Long Sword +4, Plate Mail +4, three Potions of Extra Healing, a Shield +4, 126 gems, and 25 pieces of jewelry.

  1. Exit to the Western Crevasses.
  2. Exit to the Eastern Crevasses.