Drider Base

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The Drider Base is an optional area you can access from Dungeon Level 7. In it, you'll meet a temporary companion named Sir Deric (#1), and you'll be able to rescue a pair of his friends (#8, #14). You'll also find lots of random equipment (#12, #16).

1 - Sir Deric

When you enter the Drider Base, you'll run into Sir Deric. He'll tell you that his friends were captured during a Black Circle ambush, and he'll ask you to help him rescue them. This conversation is shown in Journal Entry 3. If you agree, then Deric will join you for as long as you're in the base or until his friends get rescued. Deric is a weak fighter with no equipment, and his presence won't really change anything.

2 - Iron Golem

When you reach this intersection, an Iron Golem will ask you, "Who is thy master?" If you answer "dreadlord" then it will allow you to pass. Otherwise, you'll have to fight it. You'll only gain xp if you fight the golem. See #15 for more information about Iron Golems.

3 - Empty Storage Rooms

These rooms are safe places to rest.

4 - Kitchen

Inside the kitchen you'll meet a cook who will mutter about elementals, driders, and a summoning.

5 - Minor Battles

In these places you'll get attacked by a modest number of enemies, usually consisting of Driders and Black Circle soldiers.

6 - Illusionary Treasure

In this cell you'll discover an illusionary treasure. There isn't any way to detect the illusion. If you reach for the treasure, then you'll get attacked by Driders and BC Veterans. There is also an illusionary wall to the west, but you won't find anything interesting behind it.

7 - Skeleton

In this cell you'll find a skeleton wearing "excellent" chain mail. If you pick it up, then you'll receive Chain Mail +3.

8 - Dying Elf

This elf is one of Sir Deric's companions. There isn't anything you can do for him, but before he dies, he'll ask you to rescue Stiffbeard (#14), and he'll give you a talisman (a quest item that won't show up in your inventory), which will make most of the secret doors in the Drider Base (#11) shimmer.

9 - Prisoners

You'll meet prisoners in these two rooms. They'll tell you Journal Entries 58 and 70.

10 - Fire Fights

In these places you'll have to battle some combination of Fire Giants, Hell Hounds, and / or 12hd Pyrohydras.

11 - Illusionary Walls

If you have the talisman from the dying elf (#8), then these walls will shimmer when you walk up to them.

12 - Bedrooms

In each of these bedrooms you'll find five or six random items.

13 - Alchemy Lab

In this room you'll find four random potions.

14 - Summoning Ritual

When you enter this area you'll encounter four BC Necromancers, eight BC Veterans, and eight Driders. After the battle you'll free Stiffbeard, one of Sir Deric's friends. This will probably cause Sir Deric to leave your party.

15 - Iron Golems

You'll face five Iron Golems here. These enemies are tough; they hit hard, they're immune to most spells (the Fireball spell even heals them), and they require +3 or better weapons to be damaged.

16 - Treasure Chamber

Inside this chamber you'll find five random items, 1000 gold, 1000 platinum, 10 gems, and 5 pieces of jewelry. You'll also find a scroll (about the Amulet of Eldamar) that you'll record as Journal Entry 23.

  1. Exit to Dungeon Level 7.