Mine Level 6

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The only thing you'll need to do on this level of the mine is pick up a piece of the Staff of Oswulf (#7). Once you've picked up all eight pieces, you should return to Derf Strongarm in the Temple of Tyr.

1 - Empty Storage Rooms

You won't find anything of value in these storage rooms.

2 - Umber Hulks

At these places you'll get attacked by Umber Hulks. They'll drop a random item or two when they die.

3 - Freshly Dug Areas

If you dig in these places, then you'll find a few gems. If you have a dwarf in your party, then you'll find twice as many gems.

4 - Storage Rooms

In these storage rooms you'll find some gems.

5 - Lizard Man Patrol

In these places you'll encounter patrols of Lizard Men and Giant Snakes.

6 - Lizard Man Barracks

You'll encounter 30 Lizard Men in this room.

7 - Lizard King

In this chamber you'll face off against the Lizard King plus a bunch of Giant Snakes and Lizard Men. This battle should not be any more difficult than your other battles with the Lizard Men (#5, #6), and at the end you'll find Eyes of Charming (an item that can cast Charm Person unlimited times), a Necklace of Missiles (an item that can cast a weak Fireball unlimited times), 45 gems, and 7 pieces of jewelry.

Afterwards, assuming you have the Ring of Tyr from Derf Strongarm in the Temple of Tyr, you'll open the glowing box the Lizard King was guarding, and it will explode, causing about 10 points of damage to your entire party. But inside you'll find one of the pieces of the Staff of Oswulf (a quest item that won't show up in your inventory) and you'll meet Vala, a female fighter and a member of the Silver Blades. Vala will tell you her story (recorded in Journal Entry 63), and she'll offer to join you.

Vala is a useful fighter, and she'll start out with a Silver Sword +3, a Silver Shield +3, and Chain Mail +3, but you won't control her in battle, and she'll always charge at the enemy. Also, you should be aware that the more people you have in your party, the less xp each character will receive. If you allow Vala to join you, then she'll stay with you for the remainder of the game (or until you drop her).

Note: Vala can't trade items (including her starting items), so don't give her anything you might want back.

  1. Wheel lift. The wheel lift will allow you to visit any of the mine's ten other levels or return to the Ruins.