Dungeon Levels 10-7

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You'll need to make your way through the dungeon so you can eventually reach the Dreadlord's castle. While you're in the dungeon, you'll need to track down three keys, which will open up three doors in the castle. The Brass Key in this part of the dungeon can be found on Level 7 (#12).

1 - Driders

You'll encounter half a dozen Driders in this room. They'll drop a pair of random items plus 24 gems when they die.

2 - Cells

The first time you enter one of the cells, you'll meet a prisoner. He'll tell you Journal Entry 33.

3 - Minor Battles

At these spots you'll fight minor battles.

4 - Portal Guards

In this room you'll encounter two BC Necromancers, one BC Wizard, and six Driders. They'll drop Bracers of AC 3, a Fine Long Bow (which is better than a Composite Long Bow +2), and roughly 50 gems when they die.

5 - Illusion

When you enter this room, you'll witness a prisoner being tortured on a rack -- except it's an illusion, and the room is actually filled with several enemies: a Medusa, two BC Necromancers, and four Driders. If you try to rescue the prisoner, then you'll get a chance to see through the trickery. If you succeed, then your party will gain the initiative in the upcoming battle. If you fail, or if you decide to leave the prisoner, then your enemies will get to attack first. Either way, you'll find six Arrows +4, a Composite Long Bow +2, Plate Mail +3, a Shield +3, 70 gems, and 5 pieces of jewelry at the end of the battle.

6 - Pyrohydras

In this room you'll encounter five 12hd Pyrohydras. They'll drop several random items.

7 - Trap and Treasure

In this room you'll discover a trap. If you don't detect it and disarm it, then you'll be hit for some minor damage. Past the trap you'll find some treasure: four random items, 40 gems, and 2 pieces of jewelry.

8 - Pit Traps

If you fall into either of these traps, then you'll drop down to Dungeon Level 9.

9 - Battle

At this spot you'll encounter a BC Necromancer and six Basilisks. After defeating them, you'll find a map of the level, which you'll record as Journal Entry 68.

10 - Illusionary Walls

There are illusionary walls at these spots. Any dwarves in your party will automatically detect them, but the walls don't actually need to be detected. You can just walk through them.

11 - Umber Hulks

You'll face five Umber Hulks here.

12 - Brass Key

You'll only detect the Brass Key here if you have the Amulet of Eldamar (acquired in the southwestern part of the Ruins). The key (a quest item that won't show up in your inventory) will allow you to open up a door in the Dreadlord's castle.

13 - Gyno-Sphinx

If you parlay with this sphinx, then she'll offer you a deal. If you pay her 10% of your money, then she'll give you three hints: one for the location of the Brass Key on this level (#12), one for the Silver Key three levels up, and one for the answer to the next riddle (at Exit F). If you attack the sphinx, then every other sphinx in the dungeon will attack you on sight.

  1. Exit to Mine Level B.
  2. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (8,14).
  3. Stairs between Levels 10 and 9. When you approach the staircase, the madman image will return, and he'll demand that you answer a riddle or fight Iron Golems if you wish to proceed. Irons Golems are tough; they hit hard, they're immune to most spells (the Fireball spell even heals them), and they require +3 or better weapons to be damaged. The riddle, meanwhile, is a little vague, but if you get it wrong then you'll be sent to the Well of Knowledge, where you can spend 100 gems for the correct answer: "your heart." You'll get more xp for answering the riddle than fighting the golems.
  4. Stairs between Levels 9 and 8. The madman image will give you the same option here as before. The answer to the riddle is "your word."
  5. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (1,8).
  6. Stairs between Levels 8 and 7. The madman image will give you the same option here as before. The answer to the riddle is "your breath."
  7. Entrance to the Drider Base.
  8. Stairs between Levels 7 and 6. The madman image will give you the same option here as before. The answer to the riddle is "river."