Castle Level 1

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All you'll need to do on this level of the Dreadlord's castle is make your way up to Level 2 (Exit D). However, while you're exploring, you'll randomly run into Sargatha, the Dreadlord's castellan. She'll hand you a scroll and ask you to sign it. If you comply, then you'll be teleported to a cell on Dungeon Level 10. If you read the scroll first, then it will explode, causing 10-15 points of damage to your party, and Sargatha's minions (Cockatrices, Medusae, and Storm Giants) will attack you. Anything else you do will start the battle immediately.

1 - Entrance

The first time you enter the castle, if you have Vala with you, then she'll comment that the castle looks different than it did before. You'll record this observation as Journal Entry 29.

2 - Alcoves

If you wait at an alcove (#2), then the wall will rotate, moving you to the other side (#2a). To get the wall to rotate you back to where you started from, you'll need to pull a nearby lever (#3) first.

3 - Lever

4 - Mad Cleric

The cleric will babble about "madness" and the "ultimate sacrifice," but there isn't anything you can do with him.

5 - Cloud Giant Barracks

You'll face nine Cloud Giants in this room.

6 - Cloud Giant Officer's Quarters

You'll face six Cloud Giants and four Storm Giants in this room.

7 - Traps

8 - Medusae

In these spots you'll get attacked by Medusae and / or Basilisks.

9 - Banites

In these spots you'll have to battle Banite Priests and Dread Guards.

10 - Mad Smith

In this room you'll meet a mad dwarven smith. If you help him, then you'll hear Journal Entry 64.

11 - Driders

In these spots you'll encounter Driders and / or Cloud Giants.

12 - Storage Room

In this room you'll find 4 random items, 35 gems, and 6 pieces of jewelry.

  1. Exit to the Eastern Crevasses.
  2. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (1,14).
  3. Two-way portal.
  4. Stairs to Castle Level 2.
  5. Stairs to Dungeon Level 1.