Mine Level 8

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The only thing you'll need to do on this level of the mine is pick up a piece of the Staff of Oswulf (#7). Once you've picked up all eight pieces, you should return to Derf Strongarm in the Temple of Tyr.

1 - Empty Storage Rooms

You won't find anything of value in these storage rooms.

2 - Storage Rooms

In these storage rooms you'll find some gems.

3 - Umber Hulks

At these places you'll get attacked by Umber Hulks. They'll drop a random item or two when they die.

4 - Medusa Patrol

In this room you'll run into a Medusa-led patrol, and you'll have to battle a Medusa plus some Gargoyles and Margoyles. After the battle you'll find a map, which you'll record as Journal Entry 35.

5 - Freshly Dug Area

If you dig in this place, then you'll find a few gems. If you have a dwarf in your party, then you'll find twice as many gems.

6 - Entrance to the Tomb of Oswulf

You'll only be able to pass this point if you have the Ring of Tyr from Derf Strongarm in the Temple of Tyr.

7 - Oswulf's Remains

You'll discover a chest here, and inside it you'll find Banded Mail +5, a Cloak of Displacement, a Long Sword vs. Giants (+3), 10 gems, and 4 pieces of jewelry. You'll also find a piece of the Staff of Oswulf (a quest item that won't show up in your inventory).

  1. Wheel lift. The wheel lift will allow you to visit any of the mine's ten other levels or return to the Ruins.
  2. Malfunctioning teleporter. The teleporter will take you down to Mine Level 9, but it will slam your party into a wall and damage it by about 30 points. Then ten Umber Hulks will attack you. This is the only way to reach Mine Level 9, so you'll just have to grin and bear the damage.