Eastern Crevasses

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Your goal in the Eastern Crevasses is to move east towards the Dreadlord's castle. When you approach the exit (Exit C), you'll finally meet Oswulf (#7), and if you have the Staff of Oswulf with you, then he'll allow you to pass. Oswulf will also give you a Silver Long Sword +5 and a Silver Shield +5. If you don't have the staff, then you'll need to collect the staff pieces in the mine and give them to Derf in the Temple of Tyr so he can assemble them.

1 - Battle

At this spot a Cloud Giant will rile up some Frost Giants, and then the Frost Gants and their Mastodons will attack you.

2 - Battle

When you reach this spot you'll get attacked by five BC Lords, five Dread Guards, three Legion Wizards, and four Legionnaires.

3 - Battle

At this spot you'll encounter five Cloud Giants and four White Dragons. If you flee and come back, then you'll have to deal with two battles instead of one: first you'll face six 12 Headed Hydras, and then you'll have to fight the original battle.

4 - Battle

At this spot you'll encounter three Ancient Dragons (Red).

5 - Battle

At this spot you'll first battle five White Dragons and four Cloud Giants, and then you'll battle three Ancient Dragons (White). After the first battle you'll find 5 random items, 6000 platinum, 30 gems, and 3 pieces of jewelry.

6 - Battle

At this spot you'll get ambushed by three Ancient Dragons (Red).

7 - Battles

When you reach this location you'll spot the spirit of Oswulf fighting off the Black Circle. However, when the Black Circle forces notice you, they'll charge, and you'll have to battle four White Dragons and five Cloud Giants followed by three BC Wizards, five Dread Guards, four Legionnaires, and three Legion Wizards.

After the battle Oswulf's spirit will disappear, but when you move north it will appear again. Assuming you have the Staff of Oswulf with you, then Oswulf will allow you to pass, and he'll give you his equipment: a Silver Long Sword +5 and a Silver Shield +5. Oswulf will also talk to you, and you'll record this conversation in Journal Entry 56.

  1. Exit to the Frost Giant Village.
  2. Portal to the Well of Knowledge (14,7). To use this portal, you'll have to defeat three Remorhaz.
  3. Exit to the Castle Level 1.